Ever wondered why our moms are dabba fanatic? background img
June 29, 2016

Ever wondered why our moms are dabba fanatic?

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rab ne bana di jodi

A dabba is a box.

Literally speaking, a dabba is that box that contains food.

For Moms, these dabbas are important… muy importante!

It’s not just about having these boxes at home, it’s about their obsession of having the dabba – it could be tupperware, tiffin box, takeout boxes – all need to be hoarded because you never know when you need one. And of course if you try to stop them, then you will get that dirtiest look with her favorite line “tum nahi samjhoge“.

Our moms suffer from Dabba Obsession Disorder (DOD) and they are happy to admit that they have the disorder. They can make peace if you hook up with someone they don’t approve of at some point of time, but they can never bury the hatchet if you don’t bring their dabbas back. They have a greed to possess more and more of them and have every possible reasons to never part ways with them.

Our Moms are capable of saving every dabba. And then save anything to put in that dabba. They have a specific box for specific meals and a specific box only for leftovers even. There are some containers that haven’t been touched, yet they know they will use them one day. Many such containers appeal to be thrown away, but our moms cannot indulge in doing that. No way! They just can’t. We’d rather hear them say, ‘I need that box, just in case I need to store that little peanut‘.

The reaction they have the moment you tell them that you have misplaced their dabba is epic. The only thing they say is, ‘Can you call and check with canteen/office boy if they found a plastic dabba with yellow lid?

All my life, I have always been under the impression that family reunions are arranged for members to keep in touch with one another. However, I was so wrong. Family reunions are coordinated so that our extremely, undoubtedly talented mothers can switch and barter the dabbas and bring back the world in order. But beware! They will never exchange their favorite dabba with anyone.

Dabbas are like prize possessions for our mothers. They don’t like to share or give away dabbas. Their eyes glitter like young girls when they realize in their group they possess the maximum number of dabbas.

Here is the special appeal that the medical association should consider DOD as a disorder that could have serious side affects. To check if your mother has symptoms of DOD, then hide her favorite dabba and tell her you lost it. You will be able to figure out seriousness.

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Comments to Ever wondered why our moms are dabba fanatic?

  • Despite the fact that ‘dabba’ the thing that we can’t get easily rid off of moms. Because she cares for us and the ‘dabba’ (with lotta food) she sends because she cares for us. That’s the love even though you don’t need it, we get to feel the love from her. It was so great that you took a time to pen down some old memories and allowed us to reminisce those thang. Keep up the good work

    Abhishek June 29, 2016 11:02 pm Reply

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