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December 15, 2017

11 Events That Grabbed Eyeballs In 2017!

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Virushka Wedding

Each year is filled with events that attract limelight and year 2017 was no exception. which attract attention and year 2017 was no exception. There have been events which grabbed eyeballs either for right or wrong reasons (totally depends on the viewpoint of each individual) but these events for sure gave a lot of fodder to the media. We bring 11 such events of 2017 that became sensational and gained a fair amount of popularity!

#1 Nepotism Controversy

Actress Kangana Ranaut made a bold statement when she very openly and frankly labeled director Karan Johar as ”flag bearer of nepotism” in Bollywood film industry on Karan Johar’s show Koffee with Karan. We saw that there were few in the industry who supported Kangana and some who supported KJo. Unfortunately, the controversy took an ugly turn when Karan, Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan cheered nepotism rocks during the IIFA awards. Varun later apologized for his behavior.

Nepotism Controversy


#2 Karan Johar’s Surrogacy

”I am blessed to be a parent” was his response when Karan Johar interacted to media after the news about his surrogacy came out. A lot of queries have been put up about KJO’s sexual orientation and there have been times he has been ridiculed on national channels regarding this subject.

Karan Johar's Surrogacy


#3 When Meera Rajput’s Comments Did Not Go Well With The Audience!

She has been loved by fans. Not because she is wife of Shahid Kapoor but she clearly gives parenting goals. Mira had Misha after an year of her marriage with Shahid. During the pregnancy, she stayed away from paparazzi and has time and again said how she wants to see Misha grow up. But, unfortunately, this young mother received a lot flak from working mothers for her comment she said during an event. In an event on Women’s Day, Meera answered a question saying that ”her child is not a puppy so that she would be left at home without her mother!” No sooner did she utter these words, criticisms and harsh words were showered on Instagram and Twitter.

Meera Rajput's Statement On Women's Day


#4) Priyanka Chopra Slammed For Wearing Short Dress

PeeCee is one of the Bollywood actresses who is trolled most. While promoting her movie, Baywatch, in May, PeeCee also met Prime Minister Modi in Berlin. It was not her meeting with the prime minister that got her limelight but her dress that got most attention. She was badly slammed by common public and even by some politicians and was called ‘uncultured’ and ‘a bad influence’.

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Priyanka Chopra And PM Modi


#5 Ranbir Kapoor And Mahira Khan’s Viral Pictures

When Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor’s pictures while smoking cigarette got leaked, it stirred quite a controversy! Many people thought that the two were in relationship but it was Mahira who was targeted by trollers. Her white short dress and smoking in public didn’t go down well with the public. The actress later apologized for her actions.

Mahira Khan And Ranbir Kapoor Smoking


#6 Esha Gupta’s Nude Pictures On Instagram

Miss Gupta left no stone unturned for being labeled ”hot” and ”bold” when she posted her bare pictures on Instagram. Her pictures were truly too hot to handle and left a number of mouths agape. However, majority of her fans did not feel ‘so good’ and her comments section on Instagram was filled with moral lectures and abuses! Oops!

Esha Gupta Nude Pictures


#7 Deepika Padukone And Maxim Cover

The queen of million hearts, actress Deepika Padukone gave a strong message to the detractors when her cover image on fashion magazine Maxim was filled with comments of ridicule and shame. The bold and beautiful actress posted another picture with the same dress and a different pose giving a clear message that she didn’t care! Is it not a fitting reply to the people who hide behind their computers to belittle spirit of a strong woman?

Deepika Padukone Maxim Cover Picture


#8 Disha Patani Slut Shamed For Her Revealing Dress

Disha Patani is undoubtedly an internet sensation. Her looks and her gorgeous figure make people crazy. She got appreciation by fashion gurus when she stepped in all black and a deep neck dress at Filmfare Awards 2017. But as usual, her choice for dress did not go well with the ‘sanskaaris’ and she was slammed on Instagram.

Disha Patani's Revealing Dress


#9 Hrithik Roshan’s Open Letter

In October, 2017, Hrithik Roshan was again targeted by Kangana Ranaut during the promotions of her movie, Simran. The matters got worse when Kangana came on Aap ki Adalat and told the world her side of story in-detail. The year 2017 also saw Hrithik breaking his silence and telling his side of the story. Many individuals from the industry came out to support the actor.

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#10 Padmavati Controversy

From the Karni Sena to the Royal Family of Rajasthan to the politicians, everyone had put their best foot forward to the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. From life threats against Deepika and Sanjay Leela Bhansali to dead body found with hatred message, the movie has been subject to controversy since its inception. Finally, the movie is supposed to release in January 26, 2018.

Padmavati Controversy


#11) Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s Wedding

This news is like a vibe of positive energy for the year. After so many controversial events taking place one after the other, the news of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma tying the knot was a reason to feel good. The couple got married on 12th December 2017. The wedding was a low-key affair.

Anushka Virat Wedding


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