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July 25, 2016

Essential College Supplies for the Coming Semester

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Most of us around this time of the year are excited about our new foray into the exciting world of fin/education (tee hee). But every college goer needs go into the battlefield armed with new essential college supplies which will not only make their lives easier, but also help in setting up a new home in their rooms! Here is a list of essential college supplies you might need

#1 Stationery

Pens and pencils are great, but in college you will also need highlighters, stick on flags, Post-its and notebooks along with calculators and binders. Also keep scissors, staplers, pins, paper clips, tape, punching machines and a pencil case handy!


#2 Basics 

These are the basic products you’ll need for everyday use, like shampoo, soap, conditioner, face wash, dish wash liquid, deodorant, perfume, combs, detergent, insect repellent, clothes clips, and other toiletries.  Make sure you have a shower caddy to carry all of that to the shower.


#3 Appliances and Technology

An electric kettle, a laptop, plenty of flash drives, desk lamp and an alarm clock are a must for a comfortable stay in your college rooms.


#4 Living Supplies 

Toiletries as well as scrub pads for dishes, buckets and mugs and utensils for everyday use are recommended. Towels and bed linen with pillows and cushions should also be on your list, along with lint rollers, a laundry bag and umbrellas and weather suited clothing.


#5 Your Personality

It is good if you take a bit of yourself like your books, CD collection, movies and TV shows, posters, lights and photographs to transform the room to YOUR room and your living space. Chances are you’re going to be living there for a while, and it is best to mould it to your needs for the best experience.


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