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February 22, 2016

8 Effective Ways to Well Balance Your Personal and Work Life

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Well Balance

Our daily lives have become far more hectic these days. Maintaining work and personal life balance is a challenge these days and there are only a few effective ways to manage them. How do you well balance your life? With our busy schedules and commitments, managing work life balance is not as easy as it used to be. It has become more important for us maintain this balance. Achieving balance is life is no east task. There are times we all have faced when we have a botched situation at hand and life becomes more stressful. A research has proved that a disturbed work life can impact your personal life and vice versa.

These eight effective ways will help you well balance your work and personal life.

#1 Set your priority goals  

It is very important for you to figure out what your priorities should be. Ask yourself what is that one thing you won’t be able to live without. Take a paper and pen and jot down your priorities in order, and work your way through the order. This will help you focus better and you won’t forget things that matter to you. This will let you well balance your tasks as well as your life. This will help reduce stress and tiredness as you don’t want stress affecting health. Balancing professional and personal life is not an easy task, but setting your priorities makes it easy to do so.

#2 Plan your week ahead

Try and plan your week/s in advance. This will help you understand what is there on your platter and how much more can you accommodate. This will help you not miss out important events as well you will not over-commit. Remember to give equal weight-age to personal and work life.

#3 Focus on one thing at a time

You may think you are an excellent multi-tasker but multi-tasking is harmful. Multi-tasking does not let you give 100% to each task. Imagine, how angry you get when you are discussing something important with your friend and she is busy with her phone (but says she is listening!) If you are with your family, then try and not think about work.

#4 Treat your work life and personal life equally

Our work and private life are imbalanced. For that promotion, we tend to give more importance to our work life than personal life. Our individual life is just as important as work life. When you leave work, really leave work. And always remember, just like you can’t miss that important meeting; you can’t miss your kid’s birthday or parent’s anniversary.

#5 Lead a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle and habits can play a very important role in keeping a balance between your work and personal life. Lack of sleep, unhealthy eating habits and depression are some of the things which can hamper your life, both personally and professionally. This will definitely help you well balance your life.

#6 Take a break

It is very important to take a break for your work life at times. Take a small holiday once in a while. This will lighten the burden from your mind and you feel more energized and refreshed.

#7 Take some guidance

When you are under some pressure, whether in your personal life or professional life, take some help from your close ones, specially your friends. Such advises can help in times of crisis in your life and give you a better idea about what to do in life.

#8 Learn to say a ‘ No’

Learning to say ‘No’ can be one of the most effective ways to maintain harmony. Be polite in your gesture but be firm. Committing to more work than you can possibly do will lead to a stress and this can hamper your personal life. Commit only to what you can comfortably do. Always remember that you can lead a successful life only when you have stability, both in your personal and professional life and are able to well balance it.

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