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August 8, 2016

The Echoing Last Words In The 286 Year Old Fort

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“KAKA MALA VACHWA” (Uncle Save Me), the three words that are heard on every full moon night in the fort of Bajirao Peshwa I.

One of the oldest forts in India, Shaniwarwada fort, Pune was built during 1730 AD by the Marathas. Shaniwarwada was derived from the two terms (Shaniwar- Saturday, Wada- Residing Complex), and was the residence for the Maratha Empire.

This story is of greed, anger and insecurity that led to the death of Peshwa- Narayanrao, who is still screaming for help in this fort at Pune.

Narayanrao was the son of Peshwa Nanasaheb who was coronated as the ruler of the Marathas at the age of 16.

Raghunathrao’s wife, was jealous about Peshwa Narayanrao getting the chance to become a ruler of the Maratha Empire, as her husband had never got a chance to sit on the throne, she sent a group of people to kill her nephew on a new moon night. To save himself, Peshwa Narayanrao pleaded for help from his uncle which went in vain and the Peshwa was killed.

Since then, on every new moon, the last words of the ruling king are heard in the fort that horrifies the people residing by the fort.

A fort with beautiful carvings from the epics of Ramayan and Mahabarata, and a huge garden area with five entrances to it has now turned into a haunted place.

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