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August 5, 2016

Are You Eating According To Your Blood Type?

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What?! Among all these fad diets and master cleanses, eating according to your blood type is a relatively new addition. But believe it or not folks, it is actually really good for your health and your heart.

Knowing your blood type is very important for every human being. This will help you to avoid certain allergic foods and medicines and it will also help you during an emergency condition. Have you ever noticed why some people are affected by diseases frequently? Similarly some people will gain weight soon and some of them couldn’t put weight even if they consume more food. According to a research it has been found that your blood type might be a reason for all these confusions.

Let us see about the foods that are suitable for your blood type:

#1 Blood Type ‘O’
Protein rich foods and vegetables are suitable for the people in this category. The people with ‘O’ blood group should not consume more dairy products and grains. They will frequently experience stomach-related health issues. These kinds of people will also have weight issues because if they consume more carbohydrate rich foods then it will be stored as fat. So they should take part in the sports which includes running and should do aerobics to stay fit.

#2 Blood Type ‘A’
Organic vegetarian diet is suitable for the people with the blood type ‘A’. These people will be easily affected by heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. So they should avoid meat-based diet and should practice yoga and meditation. Compared to others, the fertility rate would be higher for women who have blood type A. The level of stress hormones will be high for these people and they can handle the stressful situations better than the people with ‘O’ blood type.

#3 Blood Type ‘B’
Consuming low-fat dairy products and eating green leafy vegetables are recommended for these people. Generally people whose blood type is ‘B’ are able to prevent and fight all diseases. Their immunity level will be high. So they do not need to do hard exercises but can involve themselves in swimming, cycling etc.

#4 Blood Type ‘AB’
The people of this blood type should avoid caffeinated drinks and should consume sea foods and green vegetables. These people have low stomach acid which may not help to digest the meat-based foods effectively. They should do the exercise regularly and consume the foods suggested for the A&B blood type.

Green Smoothie

Food is the only thing which makes you satisfied and helps you to stay strong. If you know the foods that are suitable for your blood type then you will not be affected by any food allergies. Select and consume the right food which is good for your health and stay calm.

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