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February 14, 2018

21 Dryer Sheet Hacks To Know

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Dryer Sheet Hacks

Dryer sheets are not just for laundry anymore. Gone are the days when we could only use them for softening our clothes. In the era of jugaadus, we like to use anything and everything for multipurpose.  Dryer sheets  and dryer sheet hacks are one such boon to the world. Be it cleaning pans or removing those tiny little hair of your pet from the clothes, dryer sheets are your one-stop solutions. We bring 21 such dryer sheet hacks that prove that these little sheets can make your household work a breeze.

#21 Scrubbing Off Utensils Stains

If you often burn your utensils while cooking like me, then you know what a struggle it is to scrub the bottom of the pan. Stop wasting your time and instead just leave the pan with some hot water and a dryer sheet overnight. The stains would easily come off the next morning with just a wipe.

dryer sheet utensil hack


#20 Remove Pet Hair

Do you have pets at home? If you do then you know how pet hair is everywhere. While this may not be a problem but imagine going for an interview and your pet decide to give you a hug? You could either change your clothes or you could wipe off the pet hair with a dryer sheet.

dryer sheet pet hack


#19 Removes Old Book Smell

I personally love the smell of old books, who doesn’t? But sadly if you don’t, all you need to do is slip a dryer sheet in between the pages and no more musty, old book smell will haunt you.

dryer sheet book hack


#18 Remove Foul Smell

Does your shoes or gym bag smell awful? Are you too scared to take off your shoes in public? Don’t be embarrassed next time. Place a dryer sheet inside your shoe or in gym bag and you are good to go.

Dryer-Sheets foul smell hack


#17  Keep The Clothes Feeling Fresh A Little Longer

Want to keep the fresh smell of clothes just after a laundry? Keep a dryer sheet inside your wardrobe or drawer. The fresh smell from the clothes will last a little longer than usual.



#16 Remove Sweat Stains

Sweat does leave yellowish stains in the armpit region of the clothes. And it looks awful. Use a dryer sheet to remove those stains. You could also use it to remove the white deodorant marks from the clothes.



#15 Vacuum Cleaner Refresher

Don’t we all hate the musty smell that vacuum cleaners have after years and years of their sincere service? All you need to do to undo such smell is to put a few dryer sheets in the vacuum bag to give your home a pleasant fabric softner smell.



#14 Clean Powder Dirt From Floor

Cleaning spilled powder from the floor is one hell of a struggle. Plus you are at a risky of slipping. Clean them easily by wiping them with the help of a dryer sheet. Simple and effective.

dryer sheet powder hack


#13  Easy Needle Work

Dryer sheets can also be used to do those beautiful needle art works that require creativity and precision. You could also use them to keep the needles from tangling.



#12 Removes Hair Statics

Playing with hair static used to be so much fun as a child. But not anymore. Static hair/flyaway hair can be a real problem during winters. Rub the dryer sheet against the bristles of the comb and use it.  Frizzy hair tamed. Problem solved.

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#11 Remove Gunk From Iron Sole-plates

Rub a dryer sheet over a low heat iron to remove the gunk and dirt from the sole-plate of the iron. The iron will be new like before.



#10 Clean Household Appliances

Dryer sheets can be used to remove and clean the grimy fingerprints from home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and television.



#9 De-cling Your Clothes

As if static hair were not enough! If you’ve had Skirts or kurtis that keeps sticking to your tights or shirts that decide to suddenly spark when touched, then you know the struggle. Wipe down a dryer sheet on your tights or troubling areas to remove static from clothes.



#8 Pests Repellent

Dryer sheet’s pleasant smell is not so appealing to the pests. Tuck a dryer sheet in your pocket or clip it to your clothes to keep the bugs or pests away when in forest or in your backward. It can also be placed in the nooks and corners of the house to shoo away rats.

dryer-sheet-pest repellant hack


#7 Freshen Up Your Car With Dryer Sheet Hack

The pleasant smell of the dryer sheet can be used to end the foul odor from the cars. Just place a dryer sheet on your dashboard or under the carpet and it would act as a car freshener.

Dryer Sheet Hacks - Air Freshner in Car


#6 Remove Rings From Toilets

Another useful dryer sheet hack that comes very handy is cleaning the rings or stains on the toilet seats. The rings on the toilets looks disgusting and is such an embarrassment if a guest stops by. So remove those rings from toilets using a used or unused dryer sheet.



#5 Cleans Dry Paint Brushes

Cleaning dry paint from the paintbrushes can be such a daunting task. Just like cleaning stained pots, cleaning dried paint brushes can be easy using a dryer sheet. Leave the dried paintbrush in hot water with a dryer sheet for about 30 to 45  minute and wash off with warm water. The paint will be gone.



#4 Clean Dirty Cook tops

Cook tops and greasy cupboards can easily be cleaned using a dryer sheet. Just use a used or unused dryer sheet to wipe off dirt.



#3 Dryer Sheet Garbage Bin Hack

One of my favorite dryer sheet hacks! Used dryer sheets can be recycled by lining them on the bottom of the garbage cans. This dryer sheet hack well help absorb the leaks and odor. No more smell or leakages.



#2 Clean Glass With Dryer Sheets

Rub a dryer sheet over the windows or glass doors to clean smudges or fingerprints. The window glass will sparkle again as if they are new again.



#1 Banish Soap Scum

One of the handy dryer sheet hacks can be to remove or banish soap scums on the shower doors. Run a dryer sheet over the shower door and those soap scums will be gone.



We hope we have made your household chores easier with these dryer sheet hacks. Whether you want to soften your clothes or give your home a shine; dryer sheets are here to rescue.

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