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February 8, 2016

Drop of Life Falls from the Sky

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Drop of Life Falls from the Sky: Raindrops by Richard X. Thripp

It is really high time! Humans need to open their eyes and acknowledge the fact that the drop of life falls from the sky!

Humans have been really nonchalant lately, and by lately I mean for a past century or two. That’s quite a long time! From setting up innumerable industries, dumping garbage into the oceans, saturating the atmosphere with poisonous gases, cutting trees and converting lush green forests into barren land, they have done it all.

The result of it all is soaring high unbearable temperatures and unbreathable air. That is when humans look up, expectantly, at us. No matter how adamant a front we put up, we have to give in, sooner or later. So here we are ready to fall down and risk our lives to quench Mother Earth’s thirst, who herself is fatigued and discomfited, courtesy her children.

As we, the water droplets begin our free fall, myriad expectations and apprehensions cloud our mind. The most humble drop of us all quotes – “I am thankful to God for my existence and its purpose. It is He who is my Creator and it is He whom I shall rejoin. I do not care where I fall or what I end up as, for I fervently wish to fulfill my life’s objective and serve the Almighty.”

I was mesmerized, to say the least, by its extraordinary display of selflessness and devotion. Before I could acknowledge my views, the drop known for its supercilious and contemptuous attitude remarked-

“Who cares what you think?

A pretentious act if you ask me.

I am the most beautiful and perfectly proportioned of you all. I don’t just expect, I am sure to land on an enlightening and promising destination. I will end up somewhere sophisticated and regal, for I am far more superior than any of you will ever be.”

Listening to its presumptuous disposition, I thought better of opening my garrulous mouth (Well yeah! My mouth appears to have a mind of its own). Catching expectant eyes on myself, I simply shrugged and blurted-

“I don’t care where I fall as long as all of us are together.”

As if to cast a hex on my expectations, a strong wind took us by surprise and blew us apart in different directions. In frenzy to land on a secure place safely, the arrogant droplet tried changing its course and ended up landing on the sand of foreshore. Not even a second had passed before it dematerialized and was engulfed by Oblivion’s curse.

Even before I could feel sorry, I realized I had landed on the soil of a garden pot. In time, I knew I would nourish a beautiful plant and nurture its growth. It filled me with immense contentment and joy. Truly, the drop of life falls from the sky.

Observing the fate of my other kins, I looked just in time to see the humble droplet falling safely onto a seashell, to emerge years later as a beauteous and priceless pearl!

Image Credit: Richard X. Thripp

Comments to Drop of Life Falls from the Sky

  • Amazing article. Well done

    Suryansh Bisen February 10, 2016 9:24 pm Reply
  • Well done Priyanshi. It’s important to be humble and sensitive individual in this materialistic world . 👍👍👍

    Rashmi February 11, 2016 11:15 am Reply
  • Exhilarating.

    Arun February 11, 2016 9:17 pm Reply
  • WOW!You write so beautifully.

    Isabella February 12, 2016 6:33 pm Reply

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