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July 29, 2017

7 Doorstep Beauty Services Myths Debunked

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Doorstey Beauty Services

In today’s era, homemakers, professionals or college girls, each of them wants to look beautiful. This results in coming up of beauty salons at every nook and corner. Abundance of salons definitely increases the level of competition but at the same time our lives has become so busy that we don’t have time to go to one and pamper ourselves. As a result, some of the salons have started offering ‘Doorstep Beauty Services’ that allow women to pamper themselves without leaving the comfort of their homes. But due to certain fears these services are not as popular as they could be.

I overcame my fear of doorstep beauty services when recently I had to attend my friend’s engagement party and my salon girl was not available. After browsing the Internet for more than an hour, I came across Tangles Salon in Sector – 14, Gurugram. I called the salon to book an appointment and was fortunate to get someone to come to my home in such short notice. I am so glad I was able to call a beautician at home.

If you are like me then it is time for us to overcome our fear.

#1 Cost

It is a general assumption that anything that is convenient and personal is expensive. This is not true. Home beauty services cost you as much as your normal beauty services do. In fact, sometimes doorstep beauty service is more cost effective than going to a beauty salon as the travel and parking costs are saved.

beauty on demand service: cost

#2 Product

There is no difference in the quality of products used by home beauty services and the ones used in your favorite beauty salon. You don’t have to provide doorstep beauty services with any of your products, they carry all the products and equipments that are needed. If you use a particular brand, then we suggest you discuss this in advance with your service provider.

Beauty on Demand Service: L'Oreal Products


#3 Safety

In this time of increasing crimes how can one expect to trust just an unknown person to visit their home for any kind of service? This was my biggest fear, which is the reason why I was never comfortable with the concept of calling a beautician at home. The manager I spoke with was quite nice and told me that the beautician sent is an employee of Tangles, who has been kept after thorough background and reference checking.

doorstep beauty services: safety

#4 Lack of Expertise

This is one of the baseless myth in the minds of people that the beauticians at the salon tend to be more trained and an expert in their task than the ones who bring the parlour at home. The fact is the same beautician at the salon is your service provider at home.

Doorstep BEauty Services: Expert

#5 Hygiene

We all feel that beauty at home providers move from one house to another without sterilizing equipments. While I can not vouch for others, the beauty therapist who gave me service told me that after every booking they are required to return to the beauty salon to clean the equipments. Also, wherever possible, disposable supplies are used.

Beauty on Demand Service: Hygiene Products

#6 Comfort

Most of us our worried that our home may get messy and we will need to clean after the service provider leaves. This is just a myth and the reality is that service provider will ensure that working space is cleaned before she leaves.

Doorstep Beauty Services: massage

#7 Preferential Treatment

We all go to salons to pamper ourselves and also have our favorite salon girl to whom we always go-to. But, unfortunately, beauty salons have become a commercial hub. There are times when we don’t get that 100% undivided attention and don’t feel pampered. Beauty at home service is all about preferential treatment where we feel we are the queen.

Doorstep Beauty Services

Doorstep Beauty services can give you lot more comfort and less stress than going to a beauty salon. You save yourself from congested roads and polluted air, and save the commute time. By the end you feel pampered, relaxed and like a queen. So give doorstep beauty services a chance and see for yourself how this service is truly a blessing in disguise.

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