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August 8, 2016

Doodling Stress Away: 5 Reasons To Doodle

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Slouchy eyes. A terribly constipated yawn. Just when you think these are the obvious symptoms of complete boredom and stress, out comes a piece of paper and a 0.5 pointer micron pen. The rest just becomes history for us. Its when the eyes are no longer droopy, your hands entirely covered with ink and at the end, the paper is alive with the fizzle of artistry. There is magic about every outline, stroke and patterns drawn on your paper. What exactly is this?
A freshly drawn doodle.

Doodling is something which we all have done at some or the other point of time. Scribbling something on paper absent-mindedly or making drawings even when a person’s attention is occupied elsewhere. Yet, doodle art is a serious business for a lot of people. For some, it adds on to a lot of learning and for some it proves to be a great stress buster, promoting healing.

HookedUpon presents to you 5 reasons why you should grab that pen and start creating life on paper:

The random lines drawn on paper enhances the way we think by connecting the so called unconnected neural paths in our brain. It helps you make your own visuals and learn something new.

It is more than just a *pleasant waste* of time and helps in solidifying our own ideas. Doodling helps you go out of the box to see a big and a clear picture in every possible way. A doodle can foster a dialog between the mind and the hand holding a pencil and the eyes that perceive the marks on your paper.

There is no doubt, doodling is an enjoyable activity. The positive emotion makes us more creative. We tend to open up to more exploratory avenues when it comes to our thoughts and expressions.

Doodling keeps us engaged throughout and in every possible situations, stops our minds from wandering and loitering around. It is said that people who doodle while talking on phone or listening to a lecture at college, perform much better on a memory test than the ones who do not indulge in doodling.

Any idea what STEM skills are?
No need to think much! It simply refers to students studying science, technology, engineering and maths. Incorporating doodle making into these subjects can actually turn you all into creative problem solvers. There is more than one way in which any particular information can be put across, equivalent to that, there is more than a single way in which a problem can be solved through this art form. Creative trials prove to be the best exercise when it comes to solving a problem.

For me, whether I am on call or listening to a boring lecture at college, my life doesn’t seem bad at all, once i have my brush pens and my sketch pad in hand. I doodle for fun, to breakfree from the monotonies of life, when i wish to get into a space where i can very well connect with myself. Doodling is more of a brain exercise. It is the time when i play with every minute thoughts and bring it out on paper. I create my own artwork having no rhyme and reason behind it.

Grab your pens and start doodling, whenever you get some free time. Create your own doodle caboodle.

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