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September 8, 2016

Let’s find out – Does Black Make You Look Thinner?

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I always wonder, whether a proper logic exists in reality or my obsession with the color black is actually a mania. Black color is more like a part and parcel of my life. It’s difficult to part ways with it. I am not an emo and certainly not a follower of Goth culture, I just tend to buy everything that is black. This color rules my wardrobe. All my clothes are mostly black. The ones that are not, I hardly look at them. Technically, everything that I own and probably wish to own, are black. Surrounded by this color, makes me feel a lot more comfortable. But I always wondered the reason behind my eternal love for the color black. Why Black? Does Black make you look thinner?

I know there are many friends of mine who would blindly choose this smoky colour with an assumption that it makes them look slim and hot. So here I am trying to carry out a deeper analysis as to – ‘Does Black makes you look slimmer?’ Is this just a myth or a reality?

#1 Poor Reflection

The phenomenon of reflection is the science behind this magic of black. The way that light plays against dark and light colors is also a factor in the way that different colors make you look. Black does not reflect back the light that shines on it. A light color reflects light away from it. Both of these effects have an impact on how large the color makes an object book. Because black does not reflect the way the light, it is a deeper field color that makes itself look smaller. Because white does reflect light, its light color draws in the eye. Isn’t that interesting to know?

Does black make you look thinner - Poor Reflection


#2 Flat Look

Being darker in shade, it easily dissolves within the shadowing of your clothes, making you look flat from different angles. And to be honest, it is much better than those three dimensional tyre effect, which the other colors have on our looks. So there you go, a major fact find that can clear off your doubts on- does black make you look thinner? If you have a very light T-shirt on, your shape will be noticeable within the fabric. Any curves, bulges, or flat areas will be noticeable beneath the white fabric.  If the T-shirt is black however, that will not be the case. All that is noticed is that there is a field of black. This field will not have bulges or areas that look large unless the T-shirt is very tight. That creates a field that is slimmer and smaller looking than it would be otherwise.

Does black make you look thinner - Flat Look


#3 Hiding up the Body Definition

The black color doesn’t really show the definition of your body as much as white and the other colors do. Apparently, it makes you look slimmer and the reason behind this is the way eye works. When you look at something, you tend to see the edges of it and to perceive those edges as the border of the object. This can be blurred when the object is dark because it appears to have fewer borders. A lighter color object will have lines, shapes, and perhaps partitions on it that are very visible to the eye. But when the object is very dark in color, none of those will be very visible at all.

Does black make you look thinner - Hiding up the Body Definition


#4 Optical Illusion

When you ask yourself: does black make you look thinner, another point to be focussed is that our eyes really see dark objects as (slightly) smaller. This is true of furniture, fabric on a bed, house paint, and everything else that you can see. It’s an optical illusion; that’s exactly what ‘looking thinner’ is all about.

Does black make you look thinner - Optical Illusion


May be looking thin in black is not completely true but thee is definitely scientific facts involved behind this effect. You cannot help but choose everything black!

Featured Image Source: http://baggout.com

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