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April 7, 2018

11 Enchanting Disney Live Action Movies

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Disney Live Action Movies - Beauty and the Beast

With the advent of Disney live action movies, and the cult of films like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Mulan, we are left to wonder what is so inquisitive about live action movies and what are they exactly about? Live action majorly refers to cinematography that does not use animation, but the industry does not restrict itself to the narrow term. Rather it has inculcated animated and cartoon characters in its live action movies. With the success of superhero movies by Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney has recently been working on remaking some of its popular animated movies into live action movies. Here is a checklist of some of the best live action movies from Disney and some that are yet to come.

#1 Treasure Island – first Disney live action film

Released in 1950, as the first ever Disney live action movie, produced by Walt Disney Productions. The film was adapted from the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. This was also the first ever colour screen version of treasure island. Its location was at Denham Studios in England. The basic plot of the film revolves around Jim Hawkins and his search for the buried treasure of an evil pirate, Captain Flint. Set in the days of sailing ships and pirates, “treasure island” does complete justice as the first Disney live action film. The success of this film was a kick-start to the amazing journey that lay ahead for Disney live action movies that were to follow.

Disney Live Action Movies - Treasure Island

#2 Night on Bald Mountain

The 1940 animated film ‘Fantasia’ has one particular scene towards the end which is known as the “night on bald mountain”, and this Disney remake of the 1940’s classic is apparently all about this. Disney has taken that particular scene and decide to turn it into an entire film. though the scene is pretty much scary for a Disney movie, but the lovers of such genres will witness something exciting and new. This Disney live action movie is definitely not a fairy-tale but can it be called a partial horror saga? Well the answer rests with its release but all we can promise you in reference to this film, is magic and music.

#3 The Jungle Book

We all grew up watching Mowgli. One of my favorite Disney live action movies, The Jungle Book is based on Rudyard Kiplings book by the same name and has been adapted by Disney twice into live action movies. Both the movies did well at the Box Office; the one released in 2016 received Academy Award for Special Effects. The Jungle Book is a story of Mowgli who is raised by pack of wolves. Shere Khan, a tiger who was scarred by a human, wants to seek revenge from Mowgli. Before Shere Khan can get to Mowgli, Bagheera takes Mowgli away but are soon separated when Bagheera is attacked by Shere Khan. On his mission to find Bagheera, Mowgli befriends Baloo.

Disney Live Action Movies - The Jungle Book

#4 Maleficent

The 2014, Angelina Jolie starrer, this one definitely blew audiences away. Jolie takes up the role of an evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty. The character Maleficent has a thirst for justice and will quench this, rendering the kind of treatment she wants to provide to her wrong-doers. In the process she ends up cursing an innocent infant princess. This film manages to recreate a world of wonder and is praised most for being one among the best Disney live action movies known for its effects. The stunning visuals are definitely not worth the miss. It is just more than the classic boy-meets-girl story. It is a pure work of visuals that cannot be left without a grand appreciation.

Disney Live Action Movies - Maleficent

#5 Beauty and the Beast

One of my favorite Disney animated movies got remade into a live action movie. This is one of the highest grossing Disney Live action movie. The movie begins with an enchantress turning a selfish prince into a beast after he refuses to give her shelter. The prince can return to his self only if he learns to love and gets loved by someone in return. Years pass and no one remembers the prince anymore. One day, an artist (Maurice) gets lost in the forest and arrives at beast’s castle. Angered by Maurice for stealing a rose from his garden, Beast imprisons Maurice. When Maurice’s daughter, Bella (Emma Watson) comes to free her father, the beast imprisons her and lets Maurice go.

Disney Live Action Movies - Beauty and the Beast

#6 Oliver Twist

While we might have often read the story of Oliver Twist in one of our English course books, or seen it adoring the shelves of the school Library. Charles Dickens’ work has time and again been framed into movies for children, and nonetheless these stories do not fail to amuse the adults as well. And Disney has decided to team up with Ice Cube and Thomas Kail, for a modern musical take on the concept of Oliver Twist. Fagin, the evil man of the story will be highly focused this time. As the story takes you through London pickpockets, hardships, murders and secrets, this will predictably emerge as one of the best Disney live action movies.

Disney Live Action Movies - Oliver Twist

#7 Lady and The Tramp

Disney will come up with its own version of “Lady and the Tramp” soon. Expected to hit the theatres by 2019, and it is the latest Disney movie to get a live action reboot. The story involves a pampered upper-class cocker spaniel named Lady, who enjoys a life of comfort. One day when the owners get a baby to the house, Lady feels alone, sad and dejected and here comes the role of a stray dog named Tramp who rescues Lady. The two are from different worlds but soon bond up as good friends. The two canines also enjoy a romantic dinner. This one is for sure, a heart-melting take into the animal world. Undoubtedly, a sweet and subtle love-story, which will be worth-watching.

Disney Live Action Movies - Lady and the Tramp

#8 Mary Poppins

Mr. Banks is looking for a nanny for his two little nasty kids and comes across Mary Poppins. She does not simply play the nanny but changes the lives of all involved in the story. The only Disney live action film to receive an Oscar nomination for the Best Picture while Walt was still alive, this film is regarded as an achievement of Walt Disney’s career. Sadly, the author P. L. Travers did not find the film appealing. After 54, Mary Poppins will return once again to help the Banks.

Disney Live Action Movies - Mary Poppins

#9 Mulan

This is an upcoming Disney live action film, that would take the theatres by November 2, 2018. Although director Niki Caro has said that the film will not be a musical and will be very different from the 1998 version. The earlier version of Mulan was the story of a girl living in a patriarchal regime, she is technically under-qualified to serve. But she cleverly impersonates a man and pulls off well at the training. She might not be an official Disney princess but is able to steal the show and prove her worth. It can be called a girly martial arts epic tale. And we are sure it will be hugely entertaining and extremely thrilling.

Disney Live Action Movies - Mulan

#10 The Sword in the Stone

This comes from the Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman. It is a retelling of the Guy Ritchie’s “King Arthur”, and we can hope that Merlin, Archimedes and Madam Mim are delivered justice in the story. While many kings tried pulling the sword from the big stone, and become the king of London, little Wart (a young boy) just succeeded in doing so. One of the much-awaited Disney live action movies to be put into precise words. The perfect amalgam of literature, legend and music, “the sword in the stone”, cannot be left unseen.

Disney Live Action Movies - The Sword in the Stone

#11 Aladdin

This hails from the heart of the story we all have heard at some point of our lives for sure. And hence this one from the list of the upcoming Disney live action movies, would strike a common chord with all sorts of viewers. Starring Will Smith as Genie, Naomi Scott as Jasmine, and Mena Massoud as the street urchin Aladdin, this film is expected to cast a spell on us by May 24, 2019. With music from Justin Paul, the ‘La La Land’ musician and Menken-Benj, this tale of love, magic and some real adventure, isn’t worth a miss.

Disney Live Actions Movies - Aladdin

Start streaming and surfing the Disney live action movies that have already taken the audience by a sensation, while Disney is constantly working to entertain you in the years to come.

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