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April 1, 2018

All You Need To Know About Different Dress Styles

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Dress Styles

Whether it is summer or winter, dresses can be worn in any season or on any occasion. Women have been wearing dresses since 11th century. Every century saw a style of dress dominate the fashion scene. By 70s, dresses took a backseat and denims became popular. The dresses are back in fashion and while there is no particular type of dress in fashion, it is always good to knpw what style of dress suits your body. Whether your a pear-shaped or apple-shaped, dresses can be worn by all body-types. We bring 13 dress styles and which body type it suits.

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#1  A-Line Dress

One of the most common dress styles, it is narrower at the waist and flares out wider from the hips, giving the shape of  the letter “A”. A true A-line does not have pleats or slits. This term was first used by Christian Dior as the label for his summer collection in 1995. Best suited for people with an inverted triangle and pear-shaped body.

Dress Styles - A Line Dress

#2 Peplum Dress

It has a Peplum (a gathered and flared overskirt) attached at the waist of the dress. It is one of the few styles of dresses that has been in vogue ever since the spring of 2013 and is still quite popular. Best suited for people with a hourglass and rectangular body shape, can go well with Apple-shaped bodies too.

Dress Styles - Peplum Dress

#3 Pinafore Dress

Also called a jumper, It is a collarless and sleeveless dress worn over a top. Originally it was worn over clothes as an apron to keep them clean and was open in the back. It can suit best any body shape according to the shape of the pinafore.

#4 Wrap Dress

It contains a front closure made by wrapping one side of the dress over the other, usually knotting the attached ties that are being wrapped. It has a V-shaped neckline and is body hugging. It can go well with hourglass and rectangular body shape but will best suit pear-shaped and apple-shaped beauties.

#5 Blouson Dress

This has a closing at or below the waist, causing to blouse out and hang over the waistband. The blouson dress we wear today took most of its traits from the American flight jacket originally designed for US military in 1950s. Best suited for inverted triangle body shape if the waistband lies below the waist and rectangular body shape if the waistband lies at the waist.

#6 Kaftan Dress

Originally worn by royalties, the Kaftan is a rich quality, lightweight and loose fitting piece of clothing, which is a variant of a robe. In short, it is another word for comfort. It can go well with all body shapes, best suited for rectangular and pear-shaped bodies.

#7  Sheath Dress

It is a well-fitted dress but at the same time not body hugging. The dress falls down straight from the shoulders. This is one of the styles of dresses that looks best on  those with hourglass shapes or inverted triangle shapes as the body-fitting silhouette highlights your proportions.

#8 Bodycon Dress

These dresses highlights literally every part of your body. Bodycons are tight fitted and body hugging dresses. It clings tightly to the body from bust to lower hem. These go well with rectangular and pear shapes but are perfect for hourglass shape.

#9 Shirt Dress

It is a dress tailored to look like a shirt with buttons. It is literally effortless dressing up for summers and is a hit among the youth. Pair them up with your sport shoes and you are good to go ! It can be belted around the waist, above or below it, in order to suit your body shape as well. It is a must have in your summer closet.

#10 Drop-Waist Dress 

It has a low, horizontal waistline that falls below the waist. The column-like top falls straight over your form, and the lower waistline without adorning the hips. Best suited for inverted triangle shapes and rectangular shaped.

#11 Fit And Flare Dress

As the name suggests, these dresses are fitted at the waist and flaring out (usually at or below the hips), these make adorable and light summer dresses.It is a must have! Best suited for pear-shaped beauties.

#12 Empire-Line Dress

It has it’s waistline located just under the bust line, and the rest of the dress flares out. These dresses are best suited for those with pear shapes and for those with boxy and rectangular shape, it adds more curves.

#13 T-Shirt Dress

This is one of my favorite dress styles and all-time favorite. A t-shirt tailored to be worn as a dress. This is literally goals because they are so versatile and awesome! It can suit all body shapes really well. The comfort level is great and so is the style quotient attached to it.

We hope now you know about different types of dresses. Rock the next college party by wearing that perfect dress that suits your body type.

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