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February 4, 2016

Did you know these wonderful facts about your body?

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facts about the human body- Jogging

Human body is an extremely complex machine. We need to eat healthy, exercise regularly and refrain from harmful substances that can adversely affect our health. These 13 amazing and incredible facts about your body are mind-boggling but will mesmerize you.

13. Weight Gain


Woe of every woman – weight gain. Men gain less weight than women even though they eat more. This is because men also burn calories much faster than women.

12. New Skeleton every decade

Forget snakes who shed skin. Humans get a new skeleton every 10 years. You may not grow height but you get new bones.

11. 1000 types of bacteria

We have bacteria all over our skin. But did you know that there are more than 1000 types? Just like the DNA of no two people is identical, similarly, no two individuals have the same combination of this multitude of bacteria.

10. Farts are good for health


Ewww… Stinky and Gross but this is true. Releasing gas not only reduce high blood pressure but smelling reduces the risk of heart attacks.

9. Power of Muscles


After reading this fact you may want to munch spinach like Popeye. Muscle tissues help you burn calories much faster than fat tissues – up to three times.

8. Which is the greatest health threat?

You must be thinking AIDS or cancer but the answer is heart.

7. Laugh baby Laugh!

Laughing 100 times day is equivalent to 15 minutes of cycle or stationary bike. Plus it is a natural anti-depressant.

6. A good night sleep is must


If you sleep less than seven hours or sit more than three hours continuously, then your life expectancy reduces. So don’t be lazy and and take those cafe breaks.

5. 500 Shades of Gray


Do you think you are color blind? Think again. Our eyes can differentiate between 500 shades of gray.

4. Powerful than Hubble Telescope

Our eyes more powerful than any telescope. It can absorb more details and information than you think.

3. Bad day at work?

Girl listening to Music

Listen to music and it will improve your mood at work. Music also helps you concentrate better.

2. Taste Buds


You will lose half of your taste buds by the time you turn 60. Don’t restrict yourself and enjoy life

1. CPR or Chest Compression

It is better to give chest compressions to person having a heart attack.

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