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April 11, 2016

Did you know these wonderful facts about pets?

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National Pet Day

Today is National Pet Day! Pamper your pet today by buying him a gift or giving his/her favorite treat. Pets can be great companion and have proven to be much more loyal. All they need in return is love.

In India, more and more people are adopting animals.

9. Dogs DO NOT feel guilty. That helpless look is just a facade.

Dog feeling sorry

8. Cats have great memory and can remember up to 16 hours.


7. Cats do not meow between each other. They meow to communicate with humans.

6. Dogs can sense if something is wrong. That is the reason dogs are assigned as disabled people’s aid.

5. Dogs do not like to be hugged. That is why they growl.


4. A happy guinea pig will popcorn.

Usually young guinea pig will popcorn and you can not train your pet to popcorn. Just make sure your young pet is happy and s/he will popcorn to convey happiness.

3. Goldfish don’t have stomach.


Don’t stop feeding your goldfish. It still needs food and swallow food but just digests it much faster.

2. A hamster ages by one year in every 15 days. By the end of an year, your hamster is 24 years old.


1. Turtles do not have teeth. No bite marks on your furniture!


Turtle have sharp beaks to break and mash food. Veggie turtles have broad beak while a non-veggie turtle has sharp beak to prey.

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