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March 12, 2018

Top 11 Detective TV Shows like Sherlock

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One of the most popular detective TV series is Sherlock. Sherlock, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch (as Sherlock) and Martin Freeman (as Watson) is modern-day adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series. It is one of the most loved TV shows and ranks high in suspense thriller genre. It is extremely hard for most of the TV shows to sustain the suspense throughout the season. But there are few exceptions. We bring 11 TV Shows like Sherlock which are brilliant and where the mystery of murder and crime is a maze of motives, thus making the plot intriguing. So enjoy watching the following thrilling shows and stay amazed!

#1 Luther (2010-present)

Created and Written by Neil Cross, Luther is one of the best British detectives TV Series. The Detective Chief Inspector John Luther is a brilliant detective. His style of hunting the criminals is based on his self-created moral principles similar to the practice code and rules of criminal law. Luther aired its first series in 2010, second series in 2011, and third series in 2013, and fourth TV series in 2015. The Fifth TV series is set to be premiered in 2018.

Story so far

Luther fails to arrest the murderer Alice Morgan due to lack of evidence in his investigating case. Later, she becomes his companion. Eventually, her company unveils an insight about the most wanted cunning criminals that Luther is in search of. Also, Alice helps Luther to avenge the death of his alienated wife Zoe. In return, Luther helps Alice to escape and flee out of the country away from the secured clutches. Luther gets busy with his police job where he works on the files of the murder of his partner Justin Ripley. Alice re-enters the scene after Ripley’s death, and she convinces Luther to leave London with her.

Alice dies a mysterious death. Soon after knowing Alice’s death, Luther returns to London and resume his role as a DCI. While attempting to uncover Alice’s death mystery, he investigates a case which leads to untying two conspiracies and the identity of organized crime boss George Cornelius.

#2 The White Collar (2009-2014)

Created by Jeff Eastin, this American TV series revolves around the partnership between a handsome multi-talented con artist Neal Caffrey and an FBI special agent Peter Burke. Caffrey is a white collar criminal with an expertise as, an art and securities thief and counterfeiter. Using his expertise and the contact network, Caffrey provides his support in all possible ways to help Burke and agrees to help the FBI to catch other elusive criminals in exchange for his freedom from the counterfeiting charges laid on him. Burke is happy about hiring Caffrey as his assistant to solve the hardest crimes. This TV series ran from 2009 till 2014.

#3 House (2004 -2012)

A medical investigative drama created by David Shore ran from 2004 to 2012. Gregory House is an anti-social, witty and arrogant medical doctor. He specializes in diagnostic medicine and runs his own diagnostic department at Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in Princeton. House and his expert team work hard each day and they are determined to solve puzzling diagnostic cases that comes on the basis cross – referrals by other doctors. Owing to the extreme hard work, Dr.Gregory House slips into an emotional trauma and becomes an addict of pain-killer drugs. This is not exactly one of the TV shows like Sherlock Holmes TV series but it is interesting to watch.

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#4 Monk (2002-2009)

Created by Andy Breckman, Monk is an American comedy-drama mystery detective TV series that ran from 2002 till 2009. Adrian Monk is a witty detective based out of San Francisco. Intolerable to his beloved wife’s murder, Monk slips into a traumatic condition which is later known as the intensified form Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Occasionally he is also known to have a variety of phobias. Monk started his career with San Francisco Police Department as a detective but soon he was fired from the job because of his ill-health. Later, in the plot, Monk seems to have managed to earn the position as a consultant.

#5 Elementary (2013 – present)

The TV Show depicts the modern form of the classic stories of Sherlock Holmes. It is based on the works of Arthur Conan Doyle and is created by Robert Doherty. This American crime show showcases that Sherlock is not living in England anymore. He has moved to New York and works as a consultant to the New York Police Department. This show also introduces the Female version of Dr.Watson named Joan Watson, a former surgeon and an assistant for Sherlock. The first season aired in May 2013 and the last season till date in Season 5 that aired in May 2017.The Season 6 is expected to be aired in May 2018.

#6 The Mentalist (2008-2015)

This great American TV show is police drama, mystery TV series that is about a fake physic turned police consultant. The main part of the show is that Patrick Jane works on the individual cases and thus displays his skills as a mentalist. He proves to be exceptional at drawing logical inferences out of the cases. He also pays attention to detail on all the minute information. A serial killer called Red John kills his family. Patrick joins the California Bureau of Investigation as a consultant with an intention to hunt down the criminal Red John. This is one of the TV Shows like Sherlock and it is created by Bruno Heller and was cast between September 2008 till February 2015.

#7 Burn Notice (2007-2013)

Michael Westen, a U.S. spy, is suddenly “burned” or fired, without any prior formal notice or a procedure. When a spy is burned, the agency decides to leave the spy isolated with no cash, no credit cards, no credit score or no job history. Michael survives by doing odd jobs and helping the desperate people in Miami, where his mother lives. All through his journey, Michael’s ex-girlfriend Fiona supports him.Michael also relies on a trusted former FBI informer Sam. He decides to avenge the people responsible for his condition. Soon after, he teams up with Fiona and Sam to not only solve the mysterious cases of Miami but also nails the people behind his burn notice. Burn Notice, though an espionage series, its plot runs on the similar lines of any other detective TV shows like Sherlock Holmes. It is created by Matt Nix and this TV series ran between 2007 and 2013.

#8 Veronica Mars (2004-2007)

Veronica Mars is an American mystery TV show created by Rob Thomas. It was premiered between September 2004 to May 2007. It depicts a student as a teenage crime solver with her dad’s Private Investigator. She charges a decently small amount when she helps out her family, friends, and schoolmates to solve their problems.While she works on these small cases of her school and neighbors, she bumps onto longer cyclical problems. This is one of the absolutely fantastic TV shows like Sherlock.

#9 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (2012-2015)

This Australian historical mystery TV Show is a tale of the personal and professional life of Phryne Fisher, a fashionable Melbourne Modern Woman. Though diverse than Sherlock Holmes TV Series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an enjoyable thriller which revolves around the nightmares of her younger sister’s death due to kidnapping incident. In the plot, Miss Fisher lives with a guilt of not protecting her sister.The personality of Miss Fisher is depicted as a clever epitome of 1920s glamorous and adventurous character. It is created by Deb Cox and aired between February 2012 and June 2015.

#10 True Detective (2014 –present)

Created by Nick Pizzolato, this American crime thriller aired its first season in January 2014.It is yet on-going thriller and one of the TV shows like Sherlock Holmes. Rust Cohle and Martin Hart are the Louisiana State Police Detectives. In 2012, they are assigned the task to re-open a case of a homicide that they worked long ago, in 1995. As the investigation unfurls, the two former detectives recount the forgotten story of their former investigation. They both dive back to the unhealed strange times.Their memories compel them to solve the incomprehensible murder. They learn about the dark secrets that police investigations unearth both within and outside the law.

#11 The Fall (2013-16)

The Fall is a British-Irish Crime drama TV show set in Northern Ireland. Written and created by Allan Cubitt, this show stars Gillion Anderson as Gibson and Jamie Dornan as Paul the killer. Police Superintendent Stella Gibson is assigned a new case in Northern Ireland to assess the progress of a murder investigation. The murderer is attacking young women in the city of Belfast. When it becomes clear that a serial killer is on loose, local detectives must work with Stella to find out the serial killer. This show is full of thrill and suspense.

Feel we have missed any TV series like Sherlock Holmes? Leave a comment below.

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