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February 12, 2016

7 Challenges Delhi’s #OddEvenFormula Must Resolve To Be Successful

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“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” – Ralph Marston

Odd-Even plan was formulated by Delhi Government in early December 2015 but it received severe criticism. The Government decided to run a trial to check the viability of the plan. Under the trial, CNG, Autorickshaws, Motorcycles and Women drivers were excluded. Schools were shut down because there weren’t enough buses. The verdict? Trial was successful and it will be back in April 2016.

The #OddEvenFormula is not new. Previously, Beijing, Mexico, Columbia, London and Sweden had tested it. While it failed miserably in Mexico and Columbia, it did well in London and Sweden. Beijing was successful but it had only implemented the plan for 2 weeks and then withdrew it.

What is odd-even rule all about?

License plates ending with odd number are allowed on odd dates and plates ending with even number are allowed on even date.

Can the formula work?

The formula can definitely work if implemented correctly. Delhi, seriously, needs some strict rules and regulations. Every hour an individual dies and every third child has breathing problem in Delhi. We need to resolve this issue and we all have to contribute. However, there are certain actions that we think that need to be implemented for this plan to be successful.

  1. Why exempt just male car drivers? This is sexism and sort of penalizing men. This rule should be enforced for both men and women
  2. Don’t exempt autorickshaws, scooters and motorcycles. They are the worst offenders. Go check out major junctions in Delhi – they look at two-wheeler showroom.
  3. Curb e-rickshaws – E-Rickshaw drivers don’t have license and pretty much are illegal. The last time when the rule was implemented, there was rise in the number of e-rickshaws on the road. Are they pollution free?
  4. Increase the fine amount. Rs. 2000 is nothing for Delhite. Most people would rather pay 2000 then causing themselves a nuisance.
  5. Delhi has a lot of money. This rule will definitely boost sales of low-cost cars such as Tata Nano and Maruti Alto. This will just increase number of cars in Delhi with parking space still an issue.
  6. Unemployment – In China, Mexico or Sweden, the people drive their own car. Most people in Delhi hire a driver. If the driver is really needed for 15 days then why hire? This could potential increase unemployment in Delhi.
  7. Public Transportation – Metro has definitely improved the transportation situation in Delhi but Buses are still the same. The trial definitely helped cab companies such as Uber and Ola to mint more money. But does that mean these services will get an upper-hand and charge us more? Ola already charged crazy amount during peak hours now it has a real reason.

Recently a petition was filed against this rule. The chief justice, T. S. Thakur, just had this to say The government is taking some steps to control pollution. People are dying due to pollution and you are challenging it for publicity.”

Delhi definitely needs a formula to save itself but there are a lot challenges that Government need to resolve.

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