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March 17, 2017

Get Deepika Padukone’s Mastani Look in 5 Simple Steps

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Deepika as Mastani

Sigh, not all of us are blessed with Deepika Padukone’s razor sharp jawline and a face that would put Botticelli to shame. But we are blessed with the power of makeup! Here’s how you can get the Deepika Padukone’s Mastani look in 5 simple steps that will have you turning heads this party season.

#1 Wash and moisturize your face. Use a light water based moisturizer. This will help you get the Deepika Padukone’s Mastani look faster.

#2 Prepare the base of your face with concealer and not with foundation. Use a concealer that closely matches with your skin tone and spread it evenly. Pay close attention to the corners of the lips, hairlines and the jaw.

#3 Now blend in brown eyes shadow onto your eyelids; use the shade of brown that matches with your skin tone. Use Kaajal to tightline the eye.

Tightlining means using a pencil kaajal to line the part of your eyelid where the lashes grow. Use some brown pencil to blend the tightlining with the brown eyeshadow, and also to fill in those eyebrows of yours. Brush your lashes with mascara liberally.

#4 Now apply blusher on the apple of your cheeks based on your skin tone. Check out our guide to find out the right shade of blusher for your skin tone.

#5 Use a pink-brown combination of lipstick for your lips. Don’t forget to line your lips with a rose colored lip liner!

To take it up a notch higher, consider pairing this look with anarkalis or flowy lehengas in gold and olive tones, with statement jewellery. Team it with gold strap heels and loose curls and you’re set to paint the town red tonight. You may also want to check to see Anju Modi’ Bajirao Mastani inspired collection.

Image Source: whatsmovingindia

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