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April 1, 2016

Deeds of a Beggar: Meet this Beggar Who Had The Richest Heart

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deeds of beggar

This Tuesday, as was the custom, people waited at Mehsana’s Magpara School’s Anganwadi for Khimjibhai to arrive. It won’t be an overstatement to say he is an icon in the streets of Mehsana, Gujarat. Every year, KhimjiBhai donates either books or uniforms to underprivileged girls in a bid to encourage girls’ education. Wondering why we captioned it to be deeds of a beggar?  Then just scroll down to know more about it. You will yourself conclude that this man is the man who had the richest heart.

However, Khimjibhai Prajapathi (68 years old) known for his benevolence astounded everyone this time when he produced ten boxes of gold earrings for the girls, bought from the money he had gathered by begging outside temples in Mehsana. Yes, you read that right. This was the deeds of a beggar we were talking about.

The Anganwadi selected ten girls, children of daily wage workers and blacksmiths after Khimjibhai informed the authorities about his donation.
“We struggle to meet monthly expenses. We never even dreamt of getting gold,” quoted Kumud Luhariya, one of the happy parents as her daughter received gold earrings.

Deepak Shah, the jeweler discounted Khimjibhai for Rs.3000 after he learned that the jewelry was being bought for a noble cause. Khimjibhai has spent nearly all his income, up to 80,000 in the past few years paying school fees, buying uniforms, books etc. for poor girls. This is so amazing to know about and also at some level it is unbelievable. This man must be so much fond of girls that he took such a great step which is recognized nationwide. There are places where still female infanticides are continuing or girls are forced to get married at an early age. But this man proved them all wrong with his work. The deeds of a beggar are somewhere not correct for him. Maybe was born beggar but he did so much and gave all his money and efforts selflessly for the education of the girls of the village.

Girls need to be encouraged to study. They must become self-reliant and stand on their feet. The situation in Mehsana is not good. There are very fewer girls compared to boys and this is the reason why I try to encourage them with such incentives,” said Prajapati and returned to his usual spot for begging after emptying his pockets for others benefits. Such great thoughts and such a motivational person. He is a real hero and the country must know about him and his selfless hard work which he did for all the girls of the village. He is a great inspiration for each and everyone in this country who feels women are not worth of education and a good life.

Who can say the world is devoid of humanity till we have people like Khimjibhai who prove that being rich is not about money but much greater than that. Exactly this man is richer than most of the rich man of the nation.

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