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August 27, 2017

A Date With Books For All The Book Lovers In The City

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Books are known to be a man’s “BEST FRIEND”. A nice read or two of a book kept at our bedside at night certainly helps to uplift our mood and spirits. A book fanatic can smell a good book from a distance itself. The very cover of the books, flipping through the pages, a minor sniff of a book are all the things that a book worm or a book lover can relate to. We all have our favorite genres, fiction v/s non –  fiction, authors, poets and writers that we love and so to reciprocate these feeling with mutual admiration we have Book Clubs to connect  within our very own neighborhood. Here’s a list of Book Clubs in and around Delhi.

#1 Novel Ideas

Novel Ideas came into existence in about 2011. It was started by Sunil Sharma an investment banker. He got the very idea of starting a book club when he came back to India, Gurgaon to be specific and wanted to get back to his love for reading. The club has 300 strong members. Each member of the group is given to present a case on a book they want everyone to read and if the presentation is found to be persuasive enough, the book gets finalized and the group further meets in a month at a coffee shop or a restaurant near Mehrauli  – Gurgaon road. They are open to all types of genres. They meet every alternate Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm.

#2 Delhi Book Club

If you fancy a session of role play then this book club is for you. The club’s meeting up sessions are held once every month at a member’s home where they decide on   a book they want to read and then discusses it in the next session lined up. To add some fun to the sessions, not only do they discuss the books but also dress up as the characters and indulge in a bit of role enactment.  They meet Friday or Saturday, once a month at 8 pm.

#3 Delhi Book Lovers

This club was founded on 25th March 2012 and has close to 2100 strong members and is growing each day. It is an Elite kind of book club for each and everyone who loves to read fiction or non–fictions books of different genres- religious, motivational, spiritual etc. and meet to exchange and discuss the views on a varied number of books. Apart from discussing and exchanging views, this club also holds book releases, author-interactive sessions, and workshop for aspiring writers etc. You can contact their website for further details.

#4 Gurgaon Connection Book Club

This Book Club was started by Holly Lacsher some 5 years ago. The central idea behind this venture was that the expats could meet each other and discuss and exchange views on what they were reading. Every month, a member selects a book, fiction or non-fiction and then they all read that. Later, they meet at some place to discuss the book. The main purpose of this meet is to make the expats feel at home in the city.

#5 Reading Caterpillar

If you want to introduce your child from a young age to the world of reading then Reading Caterpillar is the place for you. They have an interactive, fun book club and library for children belonging to the age group of 1 year + to 7 years. Each book is handpicked with care and attention, keeping in mind the age group of the child, quality of drawing, content, and the interest that children can be made to sensitize to at their young age. Besides book reading sessions they also have workshops and sessions involving different authors, artistic activities like origami related to the stories.

Featured Image Source: www.wblibrary.org

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