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February 13, 2018

7 Curly Hairstyles to Jazz Up Your Locks

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Curly Hairstyles

Voluminous natural curly hair has a character of its own, but maintaining that beautiful curly mane is quite a task. A lot of people who have been gifted with such beautiful hair, look at it as a curse. The effort and time that goes into holding your curly hair in place is draining. Hours spent in front of the mirror attempting to remove the tangles and the lengthy hours spent in the shower is an everyday experience for the curly haired ones. Many girls today, are hence swapping their lovely curls for chemically straightened hair.  However, there are plenty of easy to do hairstyles in town, that’ll make frizz management an infinitely easier task. Your beautiful locks no longer need to be tied up in boring ponytails or plaits for fearing of tangling it. Apart from using the right kind of shampoos, conditioners and hair creams, these curly hairstyles will ensure that you are comfortable yet fashionable. There are party looks, office looks and everyday curly hairstyles. You can even jazz up the usual bun with a few techniques, and make it a fashion statement in itself!

Here are 7 curly hairstyles that’ll turn a few heads and earn you a few envious looks!

#1 A Classic Fishtail braid

Curly hair tangles really fast and it takes a lot of time to comb out the knots- one major reason why the curly haired ones prefer to braid their hair in a simple plait. However, a braid takes away the beauty of your voluminous locks. While there are times when comfort is more important than beauty and fashion, there is no need to compromise on one for the other. The two can perfectly complement each other! Chuck the normal plait, for a beautiful fishtail braid! It won’t let you show off your locks, but will definitely take out the blandness associated with boring everyday plaits. This is the perfect look for an official setting- formal yet classy! Check out the tutorial below to master the art of tying a perfect fishtail braid. It comes with certain additional tips, specially for you curly haired ones!

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#2 A Dutch high crown braid

When you have been blessed with the mane of a queen, you dress like a queen! Adorn your hair with a crown of its own. It is said that the Africans created the braid, the French appropriated it and the Dutch gave it a little twist of its own. And we love the Dutch for that! While most of us are quite familiar with a French braid, this one’s dutch!The two are basically inside-out versions of each other. Both braids involve three sections of your hair. With a French braid, hair is added to each side as you overlap one section over the center, while in a Dutch braid we place a section beneath the central part.

It does not leave your hair hanging about loose, so there is no fear of tangling it. If you have a long wedding day ahead, then this look is perfect! It’ll hold your hair in place, through the hours and give you the elegant look you deserve!

#3 Double Dutch Braid

If you love the dutch look, then here is one more to add to your styles. A dutch crown braid,is unmistakably dressy. It’ll give you the perfect wedding, party and romantic date look, but not the best casual look. If you are planning a movie night with friends or just thinking about meandering through the mall to kill boredom then it’s better to keep it causal and less flashy. The thing about casual is, it is often too mainstream. None of us wants to be one among the crowd right? If you are wrecking your brain to figure out easy to do hairstyles for your natural curly hair that is casual yet stand-out then turn your eyes this way! There is the added benefit of keeping mess and tangles at bay!

#4 The Curly Half-up Bun

Have you ever gawked at the straight haired girls sporting a half-up bun and flaunting it in style? We are here to tell you that this is not a hairstyle open to straight and wavy hair alone. In fact, done right it’ll look a lot more beautiful on curly, frizzy hair than it does on wavy hair. The best thing about curly hair is that it adds a lot of volume to your hair. That’s exactly what will help you nail this look! While it might not be the best office look, it’s definitely a beautiful outdoor, beach-side look. Give this curly hairstyle a shot and be the subject of plenty of gawking eyes!

#5 Messy Topknot

All of us have those friends, who give us a mere 5-minute notice to dress up. While we love our friends for the spontaneous plans they make, it naturally mean that we don’t look our best, especially when you have frizzy, curly hair that takes hours to tame down. So we a put our hair up in a quick messy ponytail and rush out! This is definitely a pretty familiar story for those who flaunt natural curly hair. But we are here to tell you that messy doesn’t mean boring ponytails! Mess has a classiness of its own and so does the messy topknot that we are going to introduce to you today. It is one of the top scorers in the easy to do hairstyles list. Take a look at this tutorial and confidently flaunt your messiness. An additional tip just for you- add a bow, ribbon or flower to this topknot and perfect your stand-out look!

# 6 Cornrow

Curly hair is equal to hipster hair. It is the perfect kind of hair, if you want to try out a few hipster hairstyles. We have all seen celebrities pulling off one of those curly, hipster hairstyles with ease. One of those is called the Cornrow- the funky hairstyle which young Jaden Smith sports in the Karate Kid! And hey, you don’t need to cough up money in the salon to perfect this celebrity favourite. With a little practice and patience you can do this, all by yourself, within the comforts of your home. Here are a few details to show off with if someone asks you more about this curly hairstyle which all you hipsters are sure to try on! This is an ancient Caribbean hairstyle in which your hair is braided quite close to the scalp, to form parallel braids which are convenient and classy.

If you are searching for curly hairstyles to adorn for your vacation trips, then you should definitely try this one. A cornrow requires minimal maintenance and can be left on for weeks. You can even sleep on it! The braid is done quite meticulously in a continuous manner, so the chances of your hair strands falling out of place is minimal. As maintenance, all you need to do is to oil your scalp and apply hair creams on the braids. Take a look at the tutorial below to learn the intricacies of the best cornrow!

Do you want to make your cornrow funkier? Then jazz the braids up with some colourful beads and you are sure to turn a few extra heads!

#7 Bandana curly hairstyles

Curly hairstyles are not easy to perfect. If inexperienced,the chances of messing up a cornrow or a topknot is always looming in the air. But does that mean you have to undo all the hard work that you put in and start from scratch? A definite no! When messy is not the best look for the occasion, cover up the mess you made! When I say cover up I do not mean boring scarfs, I am talking about funky colourful bandanas! Pick out a colour that goes best with your hair colour and skin tone. Make sure that the colours match the occasion as well. Plush pinks, refreshing greens, stark blues, lovely peaches- you have a range of options to choose from! While this is not the perfect office look, it definitely is the perfect summer beach-side look and who doesn’t love beaches?

However, the uses of those cheery colourful bandanas are not limited to covering up the glitches in your curly hairstyles. It will also help you create a statement with your statement curly locks! You can add a bandana to any of those aforementioned curly hairstyles and make it look more cheery and on those days when you are too tired to dress up and feel like settling in for a boring ponytail, add a bandana to change the boring bland to cheery curls!

There are a bunch of innovative ways to sport a bandana. Check out this tutorial to flaunt your perfect bandana clad curly hair.

These are some of the best curly hairstyles in town for all occasions. However, since your curly messy locks are insanely pretty, a simple addition of ribbons, beads or even a lovely summer hat will help to further the beauty of your looks! Try out some of these looks and let us know in the comments how it turned out!

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