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July 6, 2016

4 Crucial Tips for a Memorable First Date

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Planning to go on a first date ?  Are you experiencing butterflies in your stomach ?  Matters of the heart are always vulnerable and often turn out to be complicated. The first date is a stepping stone in anyone’s life to exciting times ahead and for sealing the deal for a long lasting relationship. However not everybody is always adept at the art of dating and the first date often turns into a daunting experience. So here are few tips to go about your very own first date.


Remember its not just always about you. Strike a balance between the two of you and get to know him better too. Everyone loves to talk about themselves ,so casually ask about where he grew up, his areas of interest and work. Ask questions with a genuine interest , listen intently and keep the tone conversational.


A Man worth knowing loves a smart woman, the kind who can crack up a good joke and at the same time carry on till the end of a conversation. A witty sense of humour is something which attracts a man the most. If ever in doubt, try asking these 9 Questions on your first date which will ensure a good flow of communication with an added bonus of understanding him too. And contrary to cliché notion, men do find women who offer to pay their half incredibly attractive too.


Always dress comfortably and put your comfort first while taking care of basics like smelling good and being well groomed. Avoid feeling uncomfortable in your bid to impress your date. Remember to be just yourself.


Try to follow the basic and good etiquettes like turn your phone off or keep it on silent mode. This is a good etiquette for all your dates but it is most important on your first date. After all you do not want your date to feel ignored and want him to know that he has your full attention.

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