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April 16, 2018

7 Crazy Star Wars Theories

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Crazy Star Wars Theories

Be it television or film series, fans always have their own take on it. Be it in the form of desktop pictures, title songs, memes or their theories. They somehow seek a way to express their overly-analytical and enthusiastic emotions. Of all the popular franchises fans get a chance to cast theories about, none can be compared to the Star Wars. The American epic space opera media, which depicts the adventures of several characters, has been the apple of the eye for fans all around the world. And hence crazy Star Wars theories emerged as an entirely separate genre. Star Wars in itself is a full-fledged business. Some questions that might have started as simple conversational exchange between fans has now taken the shape of totally evolved theories. Whether it questions relating to “where a particular character comes from” to queries about “what will be featured in the next sequel”, fans have their self-answers to all these. Let’s take a dig at some of the crazy Star Wars theories that have become the word-of-the-mouth.

#1 Star Wars does not take place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

One of the most basic questions that often triggers in every Star Wars fan’s mind, is the place and time of its happening. When we witness the senate hearing scene, where a vote of no confidence for Chancellor Velorum is held, we see a variety of aliens calling for his dismissal. Amongst these aliens, is an alien group that resembles E.T., the alien we have often seen in Steven Spielberg’s film. This gives us some food for thought, as to whether Spielberg and Lucas are fond of making such characters or the Star Wars indeed took place in The Milky Way Galaxy really long time back. Indeed, a very weird and crazy Star Wars theory, isn’t it?

#2 Tattooine was the best place to hide Luke

Obi-Wan and Yoda were wise enough to device a plan to hide Luke and Leia. The plan was to give Leia to an anti-empire person at a high post and change her surname. And to send Luke to live with Uncle Owen and Aunty Beru, his only living relatives on the planet, and keep his name intact. Who knows this might have been just the perfect thing for both of them. Though it sounds a bit stupid, but Vader would never go back there to search for them. Hence after much thought, Tattooine seems to be the perfect hideaway for that particular situation. One of the crazy Star Wars theories has some traces of logic, well according to the fans at least!

#3 Jar-Jar was a Sith lord

Well ‘Phantom Menace’ was all about the Sith Lord who played real evil. And somewhere somehow popped up another absurd Star Wars theory suggesting, that Jar-Jar Binks is the true villain of the entire series. Well this theory was placed forth by a Redditor named Lumpawaroo, who had full faith in the self-proclaimed fact. While Star Wars theories Reddit is an entirely separate and popular hashtag, this one claim was much liked by Star Wars fans. Jar-Jar is surely the most despised character of the series, is he just a stooge for the Sith master or is he actually the one causing menace? The fans take on this is amusing!

#4 Han broke up with Leia.

Fans also have this theory and this one is particularly a force awakens theory, that Han and Leia are not together. After the ‘return of the Jedi’, Han is no more with Leia. A guy with a wanderlust attitude could not have in any case gone far in the love of an eventual queen. Or being Leia’s spouse simply did not suit his habits. Fans have compared him to Odysseus, who got lost for years when he went for am adventure and has probably lost track of his wife and his home.

#5 The bad guys are Jedi Hunters

Another thing being presumed by the audience is that the villains are the Jedi hunters. To some extent it has been confirmed that there is a whole new bunch of villains and antagonists for the ‘force awakens’. But the audience have their own another crazy Star Wars theories. Well the truth of this lies in seeing the seventh episode and that might be the most appropriate answer to this particular question.

#6 Finn is actually the son of Leia and Lando

This is one ridiculous theory and it has not received much credited. It never moved beyond the comments section. We all know that Han and Leia could not carry on their relationship for long and had a short-lived romance. Ultimately Leia discovered that she secretly likes and admires Lando. And according to fans, they became parents to Finn, who later on becomes a storm trooper and gets caught up in some galactic intrigue. Not only is there a tiny racial issue here, but fans have indeed, exaggerated this one. And it is just not plausible for Finn to be Leia and Lando’s son. Is it?

#7 Snoke isn’t dead actually

The biggest moment of Star Wars was the death of Snoke, the supreme leader. Many fans were confused and could not gulp down the truth that Snoke was all gone, too soon. And hence the fans have added this one to formulate another of the crazy Star Wars theories, stating that Snoke could be the reincarnate of the Sith Lord and might still be alive. While some say Snoke was not actually dead, he might have just acted so. While some ridiculously say that Snoke might have put himself back together once everyone left the room. Now which one of these is true, is really hard to figure out.

We are sure that if you are a Star Wars fan, then there is no denying that you might have your own set of theories. There are several questions unanswered about Star Wars, like ‘who would be the last Jedi? Is Rey a Kenobi? Or what’s Rey’s parentage?

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