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March 10, 2017

11 Crazy Milkshakes from Around the World

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Cold, sweet and refreshing – we all love milkshakes in summer. Milkshakes are in fact quite healthy and can provide the daily requirements of protein, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates. They keep our body nourished and full for a longer period of time – thereby killing the hunger pangs. However, Australia has taken the milkshakes a level further. These crazy milkshakes, known as freakshakes, are milkshakes served in mason jar and topped with cakes, ice creams, brownies and muffins. Checkout these 11 crazy milkshakes/freakshakes which are absolutely not healthy but you may definitely want to try them.

#1 Red Velvet Shake from GD Bros Food Truck, Los Angeles

A sweet, sweet concoction of strawberry milkshake and red velvet cake crumbled into it with oodles of whipped cream and chocolate sauce. A secret surprise in the milkshake – Oreo’s stacked into the whipped cream. An astonishingly great combination.

Crazy Milkshakes-Red Velvet Shake


#2 Bacon Milkshake from Papermoon Diner, Baltimore

We know what you’re thinking, bacon is a part of savoury breakfast. But this diner has ingeniously reinvented bacon in the form of milkshake. Though not as visually grand as the others in this post, the milkshake mixes bacon, maple syrup and chocolate or vanilla ice cream topped with a couple of bacon rashers and whipped cream. Deliciousness!

Crazy Milkshake-Bacon Milkshake

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#3 Unicone from Cake Spade, Singapore

The Unicone is a classic vanilla ice-cream shake topped with a slice of red velvet cake with cream cheese, coloured biscuit pieces, rainbow sprinkles which are dusted onto the mug with Nutella, topped with an ice-cream cone of pink candy floss.

Crazy Milkshake-Unicone

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#4 Matcha from Cake A Boo, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

A green tea shake embellished with green tea tea cake, a cone full of cotton candy, rainbow sprinkles, wafers and marzipan this is easily the most instagrammable dessert they serve. Kudos to using tea as a base flavour.

Crazy Milkshakes-Matcha

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#5 Insta  One Of The Crazy  Milkshakes from Naughty Boy Cafe, Melbourne

The Vanilla shake from this cafe comes in two flavor. The shake is topped with a an ice lolly, a slice of sponge cake and sprinkled with sprinkles, edible herbs and flowers.

Crazy Milkshakes- Insta

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#6  Birthday Cake Milkshake

So this one is quite impressive with its name.  As the name suggests, the cake and milkshake are combined together. The shake is topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and sprinkles. Sounds yummy? Sounds crazy as well!

Crazy Milkshakes-birthday cake milkshakes


#7 Salted Pretzel Nutella Fudge Milkshake

Now this one is for all the Nutella lovers. The dark rich taste of  Nutella is balanced with saltiness of pretzels. This crazy milkshake is topped with muffin on the top.

Crazy Milkshakes- salted pretzel nutella fudges


#8 Walnut Grove- Sandton

One of the longest running restaurant in New Zealand, Walnut Grove has invented some really crazy milkshakes. Some of their popular milkshakes that you need to try are Nutty Nutella and Red Velvet milkshake.

Crazy Milkshakes-walnet grove milkshake


#9 Lady Liberty Milkshake- Brooklyn Brothers

The Lady Liberty milkshake comes in two flavors – bubble gum and strawberry. This crazy milkshake is served with cream cheese icing and candy floss.

Crazy Milkshakes-lady liberty milkshake


#10 Muddy Pat Freakshow Shake

Alright this milkshake is for chocolate brownie lovers.  A milkshake that is worth to have. It consists of chocolate brownie, homemade toasted marshmallow, whipped cream and rich hot chocolate.

 Crazy Milkshakes-Muddy pat freakshow shakes


#11 Wonka Milkshake

This one has to be one of the most crazy milkshakes. Inspired by Willy Wonka, this colorful milkshake is multi-colored milkshake topped with sour strips and lollypop.

Crazy Milkshakes-wonka milkshakes


Have you tried any of these crazy milkshakes or anything crazier than this?

Featured Image Source: http://www.disneyfoodblog.com

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