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September 15, 2016

Coloring Books, an Asset of joy for Adults

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Remember the good old days when you had not a single worry in the world and you’d lie in bed all day dreaming about far off worlds? When life was as simple as having a color book, a pack of crayons and a lot of free time? What if we tell you, you can take out some teeny tiny bit of time every day and relive your childhood?

The coloring is a stress-free activity not just for kids, but for all you grown ups out there who simply want to go back in time and be a child again. And the good part is, it’s extremely therapeutic, generates mindfulness, wellness, and quietness by calming down the fear center of the brain and giving it the much-needed rest.

#1 Coloring activates your vision and fine motor skills.

Coloring sets into motion both parts of the cerebral hemisphere, creativity as well as logic. While the process of mixing and matching colors enhances your creative abilities, the amount of thought put into choosing which colors must be used where activated the analytical part of the brain.

#2 Coloring helps adults re-discover themselves.

Coloring provided you with something out of the ordinary routine, making you feel relaxed. We adults are often in a rut, trying to break free from our tiring jobs and household chores. This activity helps one connect to our thoughts and be the person that we really are.

#3 Coloring trims down anxiety

Anxiety is common among adults that cause major health problems such as vomiting, nausea, head pain, thoughts of death, etc.Therapists advise their anxiety patients to use coloring books to relax their minds. Such activities help the patients to achieve a low-pressure state acting as a conventional therapy for other mental disorders as well.

#4 Coloring helps adults to re-connect with their inner child.

There’s no doubt that coloring takes us back to our childhood transporting us to the stress-free days. This not only helps us break free from negative thoughts but also makes us more energetic and confident about ourselves.

#5 Coloring is like meditation.

Meditation is the art of doing nothing. It helps reduce the ongoing matter of a perturbed mind. Many people find it difficult to meditate at times. In this case, the coloring books help induce the same effects. Coloring, contradistinctive patterns, keeps the adult mind focused on the present moment & makes it more mindful.

#6 Coloring sparks creativity in the adult minds.

Coloring books help ignite creativity. This is the most important aspect of these books for adults. Adults, who often indulge in such creative activities, become great at choosing colors for their interiors, clothes etc. Coloring enhances their thinking power and makes them more creative in their jobs.

#7 Coloring helps de-stress

It has been scientifically proven that coloring books and pages can help the adults become calmer and witness lesser stress.

#8 Coloring transports one to a far-away place

At the end of the day, everyone wishes to relax, get away from all the stressful chores they had been pushing themselves into all day long. These coloring books and activities can help them get away & unwind. It is more like taking a break and going for a vacation to a far-away place.

These few reasons will convince you to grab some of those crayons and get to work. It will help you find that pleasure for yourself.

So, seriously! Why aren’t you coloring yet?

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