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April 25, 2017

Color Block: All You Need To Know About It

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Color block refers to the art of mixing colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and bold combinations. It is said to be a trend inspired from the artwork of Piet Mondrian, a dutch painter.

Color block could literally be used as a fashion weapon to kill people with your bold looks! All you need to follow is the color wheel. Some basic strategies for achieving a desired color block is given below.

  • Choose an already color-blocked outfit, ready-made by the designer.
  • Choose different colored clothes and combine them to make a color-blocked outfit.
  • Include other elements of your look like shoes, accessories, bags etc in your colour-blocking technique

Before moving on to the color wheel harmonies, here are a few concepts you should know-

  • PRIMARY colors: Red, Blue and Yellow.
  • SECONDARY colors: Made by mixing two primary colors- Green, Orange and Purple
  • TERTIARY colors; Made by mixing one primary and one secondary color. The primary color used should be a part of the secondary color. color block

Here are some color blocking tips, fashionistas!


These are the colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel. For example- Green and Red. Their combination come off as very vibrant and attractive and are definitely going to turn heads. color block


These are the colors which are next to each other in the color wheel, i.e. adjacent to each other. For example- Yellow and Orange. They look great in low saturation as well. They are good to go with ombre. color block


This is my personal favourite! It combines different intensities of a single color, i.e. it’s darkness, lightness, dullness, brightness. For example- Pink and Baby Pink. They are the easiest to carry and look adorably cute. color block


It is a variation of complementary colors, but instead, we will take colors adjacent to the complementary color along with the base color. For example- Yellow is complementary to Purple, but instead of Purple we take blue or(and) Violet (which are the adjacent two colors) color block


This one is the most daring! It uses colors that are evenly spaced out (Here, the color after we get after skipping three colors on the wheel). For example, purple comes after skipping three colors from green. color block

There are a few things (you can call them rules) that must be kept in mind while color-blocking:

  1. Always combine the same saturation of colors, neons go well with neons and pastels with pastel hues.
  2. Do not exceed the number of colors being used in an outfit after 3. After that it might look a blunder.
  3. Pink can replace red at all places.
  4. Factors like your hair color and makeup could also be included in the color-blocking scheme.
  5. Avoid too bright and massive colors when using more than two colors.
  6. Wear neutral makeup to go with your color-blocked outfit
  7. Pair your outfit with MINIMUM accessories.
  8. Avoid print on print.
  9. You can also go for neutral outfit with bright accessories and shoes.
  10. Carry your confidence, ALWAYS.

NOTE: These are all strategies, techniques and rules laid upon and widely followed by people. If you want to experiment and wear colours your own way, that is INCREDIBLE. Go ahead!

SO! What are you waiting for? Go and wear your color-blocked outfit now! Do share how you liked it in the comments section, :)

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  • Color blocking may take a little practice to get perfect, so while you’re at it, why not experiment with lots of different color combinations and patterns? September 8, 2017 6:58 am Reply

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