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March 31, 2016

More the age, stronger the spirits – 104 year old sells goats to build toilets for “A Cleaner India”

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Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, felicitated the 104-year old lady who dreams and works for an open defecation free village. This extremely old but strong will powered lady, started a mission to have cleaner India with a view and aim to lead a cleaner life than before. Let us know about her story here.

Kunwar Bai from Kotabharri village of Dhamtari has left everyone speechless with her valorous act; sold her goats to build a toilet in her home. Doesn’t this sound interesting? Take my word, it is totally interesting and inspiring to read such stories and get to know about such dedicated people in our country. It is completely heartwarming to see how much people are serious about these things in life.

PM Modi felicitated Kunwar Bai, during the launch of ‘Rurban Mission’ at Kurrubhat village in the state’s Naxal-hit Rajandgaon district today for her act to make her village open defecation free. It would definitely have been an extreme moment of pride for the lady as well as her whole village because of they somehow they contributed to the Swachh Bharat Mission. And also it would have been a great moment of pride for our Prime Minister as well to see the dedication of people for their country in some way.

cleaner India

In spite of no access to the news, the message of constructing toilets as a part of the Clean India Mission somehow reached her. In order to take the first step towards this mission, she sold off her 8 -10 goats and built two toilets in her house. In order to emphasize the relevance of her step, she also showed these to all the villagers and explained its importance throughout the village. This was so grateful and a good thing which this 104-year old did. Spreading the word and educating people about having cleaner India is a matter of serious topic at this point of time.

It is due to her initiative that every house in the village has a toilet today, which is a major change for the country. This is a great achievement not only for the village but also for the country. And being an influencer and educating people is a great matter of respect which this lady got. PM Modi said, “The country is changing. It seems when a woman at a remote village makes efforts to fulfill the dream of cleaner India mission, she is an inspiration for everyone, especially youths.” And we cannot agree less with you sir, on this matter. She is totally an inspiration for us. If she can be an influencer at that age, we could definitely be one then.

The Prime Minister also told the media to not only cover the story but also spread the story of this woman across the country.

Not all acts need the grandeur, a simple but effective act can cause a tremendous change and we hope our country finds many such Kunwar Bais who strive towards a – Better and Cleaner India.

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