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January 14, 2017

A Classy Guide To Dinner Date Night Idea

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A typical boring date night idea-“Let’s catch up for coffee. I’ll see you there are 5?”

A pretty normal first date right? Not too formal, crowded, the opportunity to bail anytime exists without too much guilt – it sounds perfect. Except that it’s not.

Coffee dates are barely personal. The environment around is way too crowded to have a decent, meaningful conversation. There’s too much hustle-bustle around to really be yourself, and relax, both of which are of paramount importance when you’re starting to know someone. Honestly, the only nice thing about the evening is probably the coffee. That, if you’re lucky and is so not an ideal date night idea , don’t you agree?

Date Night Idea

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Thus, ‘something personal’ is really important on a first date, particularly if you want it to lead to a mature dating, and more later. And this is where dinner trumps coffee and that’s why this is a promising date night idea!

Having a dinner date is pretty iconic if you really think about it. You’re cool to skip your coffee once in a while, but you’ll rarely go to bed on an empty stomach. Dinner spells more time. And that’s great for a first date, because you’re willing to spare and share that time with someone else. Which is a pretty big step.

Dinner joints are normally more romantic and special. Unless you’re going to a fast food joint – in which case, you should really rethink this whole dating thing. Establishments pay more attention to decor, and design, and the environment, as a result, is more conducive to getting to know one another. The tone for the evening is set pretty clearly.

Date Night Idea

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Also, a meal normally involves courses, which in turn, involves more time. So you’ve got more than enough time to get to know if you want to take this thing to a second date. There’s more conversation, and you’re more attuned to relaxing and being yourself, since the hard part of your day is over. Whereas you’re more likely to have an appointment or errand to run after coffee, dinner gives more of an opportunity to linger. And who doesn’t like to linger?

There’s also the night to think about. Because there’s something innately sexy about the night. The lights, the stars, the mood just add up to a feeling of anticipation – something that’s not as likely when you’re date’s over at like 7.00 PM. A post dinner chit-chat might also lead to something else, if you’re into that sort of thing. And most importantly, the night is young. So isn’t a personalized , warm , cosy dinner as a date night idea the best suit to follow?

So if you’re looking to get hooked on to someone for a significant period of time, dinner should be your call.

What happens next depends on you!

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