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February 27, 2018

10 Classic Elle 18 Lipstick Shades Every Woman Must Own

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Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades

When it comes to picking lipsticks there are certain lipstick shades that are timeless and are a must have! The un explainable bond between a woman and her lipstick goes way back to the ancient times. Lipsticks are regarded as those mood-lifters that glams you up within seconds. It is undeniably, one of the most compelling cosmetic tools. While choosing a lipstick, we all pay attention to three factors; it’s finish, the shades since there are so many to choose from and the most important factor would be the brand because that’s where we judge it’s worth and appearance.

Speaking  of Elle 18, it stands to be one of the most esteemed brands in India. It is an inexpensive and a skin-friendly brand of cosmetics, targeted at a youth market. Their newly introduced range of color pop lipsticks is now available in contradistinctive colors with a rich-creamy long-lasting texture, conferring a satin finish to your lips giving the best impression and that too, at an affordable price.

From soft hues, nudes and peaches to dark browns, maroons and hot reds, all these shades go with the complexion of any Indian women.  Let’s take a look at the 10 classic Elle 18 Lipstick Shades, formed to define and showcase your beautiful lips:

#1 Apple Springs

Apple Red color is a newly introduced color with a tint of brownish shade launched by Elle 18. When applied, it looks very intriguing! Modified and definitely better than those other boring red colors. This shade is best suited for all fair to medium skin complexions.

Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades - Apple Springs

#2 Rosy Blush

Rosy Blush is a gorgeous shimmer-free pink shade that tends to look more orangy red when applied accurately on the lips. This shade has a neon-ish tone, gratifying the fair-medium skinned girls.

Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades - Rosy Blush

#3 Iced Chocolate

Chocolate Brown is one of the most indulged lip shades for an alluring and chic look. Such shades can be carried on all color of dresses. This shade would prove to add more beauty to a dark- medium skin complexion girl. Don’t miss out on this spectacular color!

Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades - Iced Chocolate

#4 Pinken

Women find it very hard to choose a perfect pink lip-shade. Elle 18 has a precise Pinken shade which transmits a glossy finish behind, providing a throbbing solid pink color. It is suitable for all the skin types.

Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades - Pinken

#5 Baked Peach

Besides pink, peach is one of the topmost colors preferred by ladies. Elle 18 Baked Peach lip shade has gold and maroon undertones and it’s an attractive festive color that bestows an elegant touch to one’s face. Best befitted to wear in the summer season, to make your lips sparkle with joy.

Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades - Baked Peach

#6 Roasty Red

Speaking of bold and hot colors, how can we forget the most widely worn red color by the women. Elle 18 roasted red shade gives a soft, warm and an orangey-brown texture to your lip and looks fantastic on women with a fair complexion. Have fun with roasted red! I am sure you won’t regret buying this shade.

Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades - Roasty Red

#7 Pomegranate Pie

One of the best affordable mauve pink lip shades possible in the Indian markets. Elle 18 Pomegranate Pie lipstick glides smoothly, does not settle into fine lines and gives a soft semi-matte finish, covering your lip pigmentation very decently. It is an absolute steal! Whatever skin color you might have, this shade is sure to suit your skin.

Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades - Pomegranate Pie

#8 Cinnamon Bun

Unlike the other shades, Elle 18 cinnamon bun is not a pigmented shade. It gives more of a coral nude balance for fair skinned girls. Cinnamon Bun has a rich coral toned orangey color. Looking for a summer-ish coral shade, this shade is the best for you!

Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades - Cinnamon Bun

#9 Maroon Iris

Similar to the reds and the pinks, maroon is also a very popular color these days. Elle 18 Maroon Iris is particularly made to suit women carrying a dark complexion. A buildable color, it hides the lip pigmentation in a perfect way giving an outstanding and an absolute maroon shade which doesn’t look too elderly. This shade is bound to compliment any skin tone and sure to give a boom just like that!

Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades - Maroon Iris

#10 Wildberry Wet

Elle 18 Wildberry Wet lip shade has a soft pinkish tint and works well for soothing dry lips. It doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and makes you look pristine and bubbly. This shade looks good on pigmented lips as it’s composition is creamy and moisturizing, not very loud on the lips. If you are a fan of a super moisturizing lip balm, then go for it!

Best Elle 18 Lipstick Shades - Wildberry Wet

Starting from the standard bold shades of reds to contradistinctive tones of pink and to everything in between, I have evaluated the top 10 Elle 18 Color Burst Lipstick Shades for Indian skin trending this fall.

So, what are you girls waiting for?

Go, get your color burst lip shade and give your pout the ideal pop of color it wants!

Have we missed one of your favorite Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lipstick Shades? Leave a comment below and share with us.

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