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April 7, 2017

Christmas Break: 11 Ideal Christmas Vacation Spots

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Christmas break

Confused on what new to do on your next Christmas holidays? Planning to go out on your Christmas break, but not sure?  Want your year ending in a more fascinating and exciting way?

Well, don’t worry!!!

In this article, you would find the 11 best Christmas places to visit on your Christmas break.

Christmas is always interesting. From all the hustle and bustle of the markets to the carol singing in the churches, Christmas brings joy and happiness on the faces of all. It is said that it is never too early to plan your holidays, and when it comes to Christmas holidays than the planning has to be big and extraordinary.

So here we tell you about the 11 destinations you could spend your next Christmas break. (Not in any order)

#11 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is the city which is famous for its legends and when it comes to Christmas, then you have plenty to do in this city. In this Dutch city, you not only have one market to buy Christmas gifts and things but a number of markets, selling varieties of things.  People can also enjoy ice skating at places like Leidseplein. You can also try the famous Dutch doughnuts and other delicious delicacies of the land!!

Christmas break

#10 Castleton, England

It town in Great Britain is a fabulous place to be with your loved and dear ones to spend your Christmas holidays. This town is famous for its Christmas-like trees and also the type of candlelight caroling they practice which is not done in an open area but inside decorated caves.

Christmas break

#9 Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City is regarded as the heaven for all environmental friendly people. If you want to spend your Christmas holidays in a wilderness, then Quebec City is where you should head to. You could enjoy snow riding, hiking, snowshoeing in this traditional and architecture city. You could even find some beautiful restaurants and abundance of snowfall.

Christmas break

#8 North Pole, Alaska

It is some of the few places where you can actually enjoy a sleigh which is been pulled by a reindeer. Isn’t a dream come true?? Being riding a sleigh which is been pulled by reindeer on a Christmas day. Well, of course, it is for many!!!

The North Pole does not have a very high population and the community here is very friendly. For them, it is Christmas all year round. You can enjoy yourself and head for a drive on streets like Kringle drive, Mistletoe lane or the Santa Clause lane. The place can also mesmerize you with its ice sculptors which are famous all around the world. And what’s less, you can even mail postcards to your family and friends from here with the official Santa’s zip code.

Christmas break

#7 Reykjavik, Iceland

This capital of Iceland offers more than any other city could on the Christmas. The city celebrates Christmas in a different manner, i.e. it has its own peculiar traditions which are a must to be enjoyed if you are in this city of Iceland.

Although it’s a bit chill in Reykjavik, but doesn’t that make Christmas what Christmas is? You can enjoy in Yule town where you would find the tradition of 13 Yuletide Lads, who bring gifts to the children who have been good for 13 days until the main day. This town is full of Christmas decorative things and attractive huts, which leaves one mesmerized. Every day you will find some different items being sold in each and every shop in the market. Not only adding to your celebrations, you would also find the famous Northern lights which will add to your experience and unforgettable memories.

Christmas break

#6 Swedish Lapland, Sweden

This is one of the favorite places among many visitors who like to spend their Christmas holidays enjoying and partying along with enjoying the winter weather which is a must at this time. In Swedish Lapland, you’ll find everything, from ice hotels to sledge dogs and the sleigh rides.

Christmas break

#5 London, United Kingdom

London is a place where it is never too early to think about your Christmas holidays. You would find everything here, from the seasonal decorations to the ice- skating rinks. From the exquisite shopping to the winter wonderland, you name it and London has it all!! One can even enjoy the lightening at the London eye and dance to the tunes of the exotic music.

Christmas break

#4 New York, United States of America

New York, the city that never sleeps, where dreams are bigger than life and the place which is always in news could be the perfect destination to spend your next Christmas break. Although in the USA you would find more enthusiasm in celebrating thanksgiving, but Christmas is also not a small affair here. You could do ice-skating at Rockefeller center and can also enjoy a carriage ride down to the Central park in this city. The nightlife of the city would leave you astounding.

Christmas break

#3 Prague, Czech Republic

It is well- known for its unique architecture and also its folklore traditions. On the Christmas Eve, this city looks like no other city on Earth. The markets are full of festivities and the wooden houses with the entire treats act like an icing on the cake. You can find all the crafted gift items, ornaments along with the traditional sugar coated pastries. The city looks like a heaven with all the lightening and the music. If you heading to Prague this Christmas holidays then don’t forget to visit the Old Town Square on this day.

Christmas break

#2 Woodstock, Vermont

It is regarded as one of the best places in the States to celebrate your Christmas. What’s a better time to spend your Christmas holidays in this town of Vermont?

In this town, you would find a pre- Christmas festival which is been celebrated with great hustle and bustle in a traditional way. You would find the air of this place filled with the smell of pine needles and the place covered with the light dusting of snow. In the pre- celebrations festivals you would see a parade which is being done on horses along with the wagon and the sleigh rides. To enjoy the real zest of the festivities, one has to stay up late to enjoy them in this beautiful town of Vermont.

Christmas break

#1 Edinburgh, Scotland

Christmas break doesn’t need to be dark and boring, and when it’s about Scotland than it isn’t. The place has various winter festivals including of St. Andrew’s festival. Whether you are a Scot by heart or not, the Christmas celebrations here would leave you to love this city more than ever. There are lights on each tree and the air of the place is filled with mulled wine. You could even find live music concerts, some of the best theater shows and what not. Thus the city would leave you captivated under the winter spell of Scotland!!!

Christmas break

These were the best places to go for the Christmas break.

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