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April 4, 2016

China Says a big no to “Bizarre Architecture”

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bizarre architecture

“Bizarre”, they state, “the famous architectural marvels of a time, are now a threat to Chinese cities and should be banned.”

The once recognized structures in China are now banned by the government in a bid to tackle the problems of overpopulation, associated with the cities and their explosion.

The decision was made a few days after China’s State Council released new urban planning guidelines, with “bizarre” and “odd-shaped” buildings that are devoid of character or cultural heritage now on the banned list. This decision has been taken by The Communist Party of China and The State Council in an order to sustain the cities and their natural resources. Instead the council calls for buildings that are economic, green and aesthetic.

The poor urban planning surely takes up a lot of land resource and also exploits a major portion of the natural resources creating issues like overtaxed power distribution networks. The guidelines of the council, which concentrate on the country’s green belts encouraging free urban parks to public and better utilization of space, will surely help deal with the urban crisis.

With the perfect view of future, the Chinese government has made a perfect decision of recreating the urban areas. The cities will thus be relieved from major population issues : banning bizarre structures would help create more land, and with the revised construction techniques that generate less waste and use fewer resources, the problems of natural resources like water would be solved. Moreover, a check on finance would also be regularised.

Being the largest producer of billionaires in the world, the country has also been considerate enough to acknowledge the needs of the common populace.

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