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September 14, 2016

Check Out The Other Directions!

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Boy Bands

With Zayn gone from our favourite boy band of all times, a million hearts broke all over the world. But that does not make us hate the boy band at all, no matter what goes down One Direction has always been there make us realize that “What Makes Us Beautiful” and they constantly showcase their extraordinary talent to show us how “Perfect” they are. They might have “History” but their “Little Things” makes their tunes haunting and hard to resist. But you might not be aware that there are bands which might just be the next One Direction. So for all you Directioners out there check out these boy bands as well they might just top your playlist next.

#1 5 Second of Summer

They have previously appeared in the opening gig of 1D’s World Tour “Take Me Home” and caused quite a stir. Personally I enjoy their songs a lot and trust me when I say this Australian boy band will not disappoint you. Go ahead and listen to Amnesia which till date is one of my favourite songs and “Heartbreak Girl” which has over a 5 Million Views on YouTube.

#2 The Vamps

Another British band that follows in close suit with 1D. They have it all – good looks and good voices. Their first music video “Can We Dance” got around 4 million views, so you know for sure that they aren’t an ordinary boy band.

#3 Union J

And here you have another X Factor imported boy band. They stood 4rth on the show and one of the members was even linked up with Selena Gomez. Their firs single “Carry You” turned up with 5 million views. This for sure is one British band you must keep an eye out for.

#4 After Romeo

A boy band based in California, started with their music journey on YouTube and soon their promotional song “Free Fall” was Number 1 on the MTV charts. You sure should start following them as they rise to fame.

#5 Rixton

They are insanely famous for their song “Me and My Broken Heart” if you haven’t heart this song her it right away. Rixton is yet another British boy band which is hitting the charts with just their Debut Single so you know what else to expect from them.

So go ahead give these boy bands a shot I’m sure after One Direction, Maroon 5 and The wanted these bands might also find a place very close to your heart with their soulful music and boy band charms.

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