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June 13, 2017

9 Chanakya Nitis Which Are Still Applicable

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Chanakya Niti

One of the greatest scholars and educationists, Chanakya had learnt the Vedas in his childhood. Very soon he became a master of Political strategies and is compared to the greatest political mind of Mahabharata, Vidur. He went ahead and wrote Arthashastra and Nitishastra, together known as Chanakya Nitis/Neetis. Some of these Nitis still hold good in the present times. Here are 9 Chanakya Nitis that are still applicable.

#1 Learn from Mistakes

Life is actually too short to make mistakes so learn from others mistakes. Normally people become mature after learning from their mistakes, but it is not necessary that we can’t learn from other mistakes. So be a little sensible and protect yourself from being trapped.  A very practical Chanakya niti.

chanakya nitis- national views


#2 Give your 100%

It is very well said by Chanakya that if you work on something don’t think about the consequences. Just give your 100% and don’t think about the failures or consequences. A niti/neeti that should be followed by us but it is usually followed other way round.

chanakya nitis- satisfying quotes


#3 Bitter Truth

Since childhood, we have being taught a lesson that  ALWAYS BE HONEST. Which is actually correct but to an extent. Being honest is good, being too honest in this practical world is actually a doubtful thing. The idea or thought is to be smart and not be a fool. Being honest is wonderful but being too honest that you give other person authority to let you down, to fool you, to defeat you is not good.

chanakya nitis- bitter truth


#4  Shocking Comparison

One of the Chanakya nitis is about comparison. The comparison is made between flowers and humans. A common notion is to be like flower fragrance. But have you noticed that flower spreads it fragrance towards the direction where wind blows? Unlike the goodness of human is not bound by a particular direction. It leaves a mark in everyone’s heart. Indeed a very different thought and perspective.

chankya nitis- shocking comparison


#5 Reality Check

Friendship is something we all enjoy. We build memories that we treasure for life but there is a twist. Another interesting Chanakya niti where it is said that every friendship has some level of self-interest. We make friends with individuals from whom we can benefit. Benefit may not be subject to monetary but help us in some way. For example: a friend could guide us or help us with academics or we may enjoy company.

chanakya nitis- reality check


#6 Knowledge

Yes it’s true without education we are nothing. Education is our best friend and can help make us sensible and improve our decision- making. Beauty is temporary and fades with passage of time but education will only shine.

chanakya nitis- education


#7  Be Logical

Always think before taking any action. Every action has a positive or a negative consequence. A very logical Chanakya niti, the idea is to ask yourself three important questions before taking an important decision. Why are you doing it? What will be the consequences – good and bad? Will you succeed? Answering these questions will not only help you prepare for the worse but will also help you succeed.

chanakya nitis- be logical


#8 Life Mantra

There is a very popular quote that we all are versed with – we came in this world alone and we will leave this world alone. Chanakya’s life mantra niti is similar to this quote. According to the principle, a man is alone in this world and should handle problems individually.

chanakya nitis- life mantra


#9 A Lot To Be Understood

In this Chanakya is saying that there is no austerity equal to balanced mind, and there is no happiness equal to contentment, there is no disease like covetousness, and no virtue like mercy

chanakya nitis- a lot to be understood


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