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July 8, 2016

Celebrating Pet’s Birthdays: Bet You Gonna Get Jealous!

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Birthdays are definitely exciting affairs; however old you might be, if it’s your birthday you gotta celebrate it. After all it’s your day! All of us are often eager for the surprise birthday parties and all the gifts. Well it’s not just a simple affair for the pets either. While we always know when our birthday is about to come, for pets it’s a real birthday surprise and the following pictures might as well prove how hard core party animals they are (pun-intended)!

#1 Wondering where should I start from??
The cat is all set dressed like a gentleman . Just about ready!!

#2 I’m just too shy…
Fish-a-cake! Well I love fish and I love cakes too… Just too happy….!!

#3 Are you ready girls?
Well it’s not a slumber party ….

#4 Isn’t the cake a tad too big!?
The turtle has turned two and found the perfect party destination…

#5 The Chinchilla party it is…
Chinchillin’ after a birthday bash, yo!

#6 After all you deserve it, buddy…
Congratulations on the half-century!

Featured Image Source: www.reddit.com

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