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February 12, 2017

How Can you Define Your Unique Eye Shape?

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Eyes are the most expressive of our features and when accentuated, can light up the entire face. The eyeliner is a growing trend, giving your eyes definition and calling attention to them. Everyone has a unique eye shape and it is important to identify the contour of your eye and apply eye-liners accordingly.

#1 Small Eyes
If your eyes are proportionally smaller than your nose and mouth, and if the distance from the tips of your lashes to that of your brow bone is short, then you have small eyes.

Avoid dark strokes of eyeliner on the waterline, as you will end up making your eyes look smaller. Instead, go for a thin stroke on your top eyelid and the outer corner of your bottom eyelid.

#2 Big Eyes

If the size of your eyes are proportionally larger than your nose or mouth, and you have long, thick eyelashes, it is an indication of having big eyes.
Having big eyes opens up a number of options for you. You could easily pull off seductive cat eyes or the winged liner, which gives a very mystic look to the eye. Run the liner along the natural contour of your eye and let it flare out toward the eye’s outer corner. For a clean winged effect, work inwards making small strokes with liner.
You can easily apply thick, dark strokes on both top and bottom waterlines without making your eyes look small.

#3 Round Eyes

Round eyes are usually large and wide. When you look straight into the mirror, if you can see the whites of your eye above or below the iris, you have round eyes.
To make your eyes look a little longer, try lining the outer edges of your lids. Begin at the center of your upper eyelid and work outwards thickening the stroke as you go. Give the ends a long, winged finish.

#4 Almond Eyes

If your irises disappear into your eyelids when you look straight into the mirror, and possess the unique curved shape of the almond, you have almond eyes.
Almost any eyeliner look will suit this shape of eye. Begin with a thin line from the pupil and let the liner glide along the inner two-thirds of the upper eyelid, as you reach the outer third, begin to build thickness. You can even give it a flick up at the end.

#5 Prominent Eyes

Prominent eyes bulge outwards from the eye socket and a considerable portion of the eyelids are visible.
Use thick, heavy strokes for the upper eyelid, and for the bottom lash line, you can experiment and see what works. You could even fancy bright coloured eyeliners for the upper eyelid.

#6 Deep-set Eyes

If the eye socket is set deeply in the skull so that the space between the lashes and the brow recedes when you open your eyes, you have deep-set eyes.
Avoid thick strokes and smudging, as this will make your eyes look more sunken and small. Thinner strokes using an eyeliner pen are more suitable for such eyes.

#7 Close-set Eyes

Notice the gap between the pupils of either eye. Can you fit another eye in that space? If not then you have close-set eyes.
Focus on the outer corners to make them look more elongated. Use lighter colours on the inner corners and thicker, darker strokes on the outer edges and trace the shape with a jumbo liquid liner. Use dark coloured eyeliners on the outer edges, such as purple or deep blue.

#8 Wide-set Eyes

If the space between the pupils of your eyes is wide enough to comfortably accommodate another eye, you have wide set eyes.
To make your eyes seem closer together, avoid extending the liner past the outer corner of your eye. Try to keep the same line thickness all the way around the eye.

#9 Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have a fold in the skin that can rest on part of the lower eye lid.
Folding over of the lid causes the eyes to look smaller. It is therefore recommended to use a thicker line especially toward the outer corner of the eye, to make the eyes look bigger. Opt for colorful hues over complex techniques. Apply eyeliners to the upper waterline than the lower one.

Embrace your unique set of eyes, because the first thing people will notice on your face are your eyes.

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