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April 8, 2016

10 Calming Scents That Provide Instant Happiness

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Calming Scents

Nose, one of our 5 senses, has a very special function. The nose helps you inhale not just oxygen but various other kind of scents. There are various kind of scents around us but only a few leave an impression and enfold us. Certain calming scents helps us feel relaxed and provide an instant happiness. Some smells in this world are so mesmerizing that they blow away your mind. You feel refreshed and will forget every other thing going around you. These smells bring a smile on your face. Here is a list of such smells that will give you instant happiness.

#1 The smell of soil after first rain

The smell of soil after the first rains. Oh! What calm it brings. It is such a beautiful smell that we all feel so attracted towards it. It makes you want to have fun, sing, dance and have good food food. It brings so much happiness in everybody’s life. There is such serenity and peace in the smell that it instantly relaxes us. Sniffing in that sound calms down the nerves and without a doubt this is one of the best smells in the world.


Source: www.abc.net.au

#2 Familiar whiffs

We all have a smell and each one differs from the other. Taking whiffs of someone’s clothes or handkerchief bring back their memories and we often tend to smile. It can be the smell of a particular powder, perfume, or an after shave lotion and it seems wonderful.

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#3 Pages of a book

It’s our habit since childhood that whenever we bring new books from the market, we tend to smell the pages. Those who don’t read books may find it weird. But the joy it brings can only be valued by those who love books! Only they can understand the excitement it brings with it. And not just new books, books that have been kept in our shelves for a very long time, it definitely smells wonderful. The pages so soft with a hint of yellow express that the book has been read before and carries significance to it’s past readers. The smell is so good that you just feel happy. It is the kind of calming scents you never want to miss on.


Source: eskipaper.com

#4 Spice market

If you are walking near any spice market, your brain will automatically and try to find out that which spice it is exactly that’s playing with your sense of smell. You will keep trying to figure out the one which you are particularly guessing. It’s a fun kind of puzzle game.


Source: malloryontravel.com

#5 Delicate fumes of petrol while you fill petrol in your vehicle

It is difficult to explain why the smell of petrol is so captivating but there is no person who can deny being crazy about it. You’ll often catch people taking deep breaths at the gas station. This scent makes us feel happy instantly and you will forget about all your worries for a while.


Source: smellandthecity.wordpress.com

#6 Visiting home after a long time

We all miss our home, especially when we stay away either for work or education. When we return home after a long time, it doesn’t feel like we were gone so long. The smell of our room, our mother’s cooking, the garden, it all brings a nostalgic yet a blissful feeling within us. It, without any doubt beats most of the calming scents.


Source: www.theounce.org

#7 Baby powder on a baby after bath

Who doesn’t love babies? They are so cute and adorable. And all of us love the smell of baby products. The soap, the shampoo and also the powder. all All small babies have a smell and when they are bathed and powdered, their smell is even more mesmerizing and makes us bury our faces in their cute round bellies and remember our childhood.


Source: stories.flipkart.com

#8 Basket full of laundered clothes 

A basket full of recently laundered clothes giving out a smell of detergent will make you The smell is so good that you can sleep in the middle of laundered clothes. It is categorized as one of the most relaxing scents.

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#9 Smell of street food

If you are living in India, you will connect to it immediately. As you walk by the roads in the evening, the smell of fried food and all the masalas fill in your nostrils and you feel so exceptionally allured, especially if you are a desi foodie. It is a perfect blend all the spices and oil. The mood is just set perfect and the next thing you do is binge eat!

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#10 The smell of freshly washed hair 

Well, of course it depends on the kind of shampoo that we use. But usually, the smell after washing your hair is a very satisfactory smell. After a few days of letting your hair fall prey to dust and dirt, the smell of clean hair filled with the smell of your shampoo and moisture feels homelike. It is one of the calming scents that helps you feel relaxed.

Calming scents


Featured image source: http://www.cosmopolitan.com

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