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February 19, 2017

11 Buddha Quotes to Help You Get Through Tough Day

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Buddha Quotes

Buddha or Gautama Buddha was born in a kshatriya clan. At the time of his birth, it was predicted that he will either become a great king or a great holy man. He was brought up as warrior and even got married and had a son. At the age of 29, he renounced the worldly pleasures and began an ascetic life. Buddha attained enlightenment or awakening when he was 35 years old and thus came to be known as Buddha or the Awakened One. He traveled next 45 years enlightening and teaching his disciples. Buddha’s teaching still holds value today. These 11  inspirational Buddha quotes will help you get through your tough day.

#1 Stay Healthy

We all have heard of the wisdom saying, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. It is our duty that we keep our body healthy to keep our mind strong and clear. Have you ever noticed when you are not well, you feel your mind clogged/jammed?

Buddha Quotes- Stay Healthy

#2 Key To Happiness

We are constantly looking for happiness. In today’s world we have become more and more dissatisfied. And this is all because of our wants and ego. If we are able to get rid of desires/wants then we will become more content and satisfied.

Buddha Quotes

#3 Live In The Moment

We are constantly dwelling about past and future, and for a moment we never stop to enjoy the present. Just remember: what has happened in the past can not be changed and you can not control the future. What you can control is the present that will help you shape your future.

Buddha Quotes- live in the moment

#4 The Unknown Truth

We are constantly seeking for something that we already own.

Buddha Quotes- the unknown truth

#5 Be Your Own Savior

A quote similar to Chanakya’s niti, we are on are own in this world. We came alone and we will leave alone. We also have days when we feel low, sad and depressed but always this inspirational quote by Buddha.

Buddha Quotes- be your own savior

#6 Where to find Peace?

During our toughest days or when we are most agitated, we all seek for peace. We try to watch a movie or stay with friends to keep ourselves busy. But have you ever realized no one else can give you the peace you are looking for? The peace is within us and only we can calm ourselves.

Buddha Quotes- be patient

#7 Triple Truth

Where is humanity now? is a common question we ask. The sad part is humanity is dying but there is still chance to renew humanity. We all need to have a generous heart, kind speech and we should do everything with compassion.

Buddha Quotes- triple truth

#8 Love yourself

This is one of my favorite Buddha quotes and can really give you some serious inspiration after that nasty breakup or heartbreak. Stop seeking attention, love and affection. Nobody can love you wholeheartedly the way you can. Sounds a bit egoistic?

Buddha Quotes- love yourself

#9 Happiness and Sharing

This is another Inspiration quote by Buddha about sharing. We all have become secretive. We all want to hide our happiness because we feel that someone will get jealous of our happiness. But the fact is that happiness can not be decreased by sharing.

Buddha Quotes- sharing

#10 Be Positive

We are always taught think positive yet our mind is clouded by negative thoughts. Every coin has two sides and similarly, every situation can be seen from two perspectives – good and bad. It is only you who can seek happiness from the way you think.

Buddha Quotes- be positive

#11 Anger

Every action has a reaction. Anger is evil and can cloud your decision. We take haste decisions when we are angry because we are upset. But how many times have you repelled for your actions committed by you? Whenever, you are angry, stop for a minute and calm yourself. Once you are calmer, your decision will be clearer and in your favor.

Buddha Quotes- anger

Buddha quotes are not only inspirational but also instill positivity. With competition at every step of life, we have become more and more negative and self-centered. Only if we stay positive and be true to ourselves, we will be more satisfied and happy.

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