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April 13, 2017

British Architecture in India which are Magnificent to Look At

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The British may have wrongly ruled us for over 150 years, but they gave us some magnificent British Architecture in India, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites today. Here is a list of magnificent British Architecture in India:

#1 Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

Previously known as Victoria Terminus, the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a historic and landmark railway station and the magnificent example of British architecture in India. It continues to be one of the city’s most famous landmarks and also one of its busiest spots and is  UNESCO World Heritage Site.


#2 Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

One of the UNESCO world heritage sites in India, the Victoria Memorial Hall is another great example of British architecture. Built between 1906 and 1921, this magnificent building serves as a museum with manuscripts, paintings and sculptures from the British era.


#3 Madras Government Hall

Accommodated for Robert Clive, the Government Hall is characterised by superimposed arcaded verandahs before clerestory-lit major spaces, which were enunciated with Doric and Ionic orders in the Academic classical manner of early 18th century France. It was built in 1790s, modelled after one in Pondicherry.


#4 Lutyen’s Delhi, New Delhi

Lutyens’ Delhi is an area in the centre of the city christened after the British architect Edwin Lutyens, who was was the brain behind much of the architectural design and building in British India 1920s and 1930s. This also includes the Lutyens Bungalow Zone (LBZ).


#5 S. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata

The St. Paul’s Cathedral is built on the basis of Indo-Gothic architectural style and was designed by Major William Nairn Forbes. The foundation of the building was laid in 1839. It took eight long years to complete the construction.


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