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April 8, 2018

Top 10 Romantic Turkish TV Series

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Best Turkish TV Series - Fatmagul

Turkish TV series are popular in Turkey and around the world because of high production quality, fantastic acting and powerful plotlines. Adini Feriha Koydum was first Turkish TV show that was aired by Zindagi channel in India. Since, then, many Turkish TV series have been dubbed and aired. Few of the TV series have also been remade into series for Indian Television (Kya Qusoor Hain Amala ka? and Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara). The Zindagi channel has been rebranded as Zee5 and now is available in digital form. Catch some of the best Turkish TV series on Zee5 or on Netflix.

#1 FatmaGul (2010-2012)

The story is about a beautiful and innocent girl named Fatmagul who hails from a small tourist town of Cesme in western turkey. Due to death of her parents, she lives with his brother and sister-in-law. She is engaged to Mustafa and soon to marry him.

A tragedy in the life of Fatmagul transforms her life to an entirety when she is raped by 4 people namely Kerim, Vural, Erdogan, Selim.Kerim lives the same town as Fatmagul. The other 3 belong to a wealthy family of Istanbul. To cover the sins of rapists and escape from the justice, the uncle of  Vural, Erdogan, and Salim tries to silent Fatmagul. However, Kerim was just a witness to the Tragedy and was not involved the heinous crime. With the help of Famagul’s sister-in-law, the Uncle gets Fatmagul married to Kerim. Meanwhile, when Mustafa gets to know about their marriage, he becomes furious.

Kerim and Fatmagul move to Istanbul along with their families. Though initially, their relationship spews the bitterness, as the time passes, Kerim wins the trust and love of Fatmagul. The duo together fights the obstacles to get right justice.They ensure that rapists are punished accordingly by the court of Law.

This Turkish TV series is based on the novel of Vedat Turkali. In India, it was Star Plus adapted into a  TV series and telecasted it under the name of “Kya Qusoor hai amala Ka?”. This is one of the great Turkish dramas to watch for.

Best Turkish TV Series - Fatmagul

#2  Behzat Ç. Bir Ankara Polisiyesi – Behzat C (2010–2013)

This is one of the Top 10 Turkish TV Series with high ratings. This series is derived from the novels of the Turkish writer Emrah Serbes namely “Behzat Ç: Her Temas Iz Birakir” (2006) and “Behzat Ç: Son Hafriyat” (2010).

The plot is the detective story of Chief Police Inspector of Homicide divisions at the Ankara Police Force, Behzat Ç. It talks about the strugglings of Behzat in his personal and professional lives. The show deals with the murder mysteries and other crimes on a weekly basis.

Behzat deals with failed marriage and a rebellious daughter in his personal life, who is later murdered. The professional front brings in a lot of corrupt officers from the Government and his police department. His working style doesn’t suit the department’s higher authority and hence he is often reprimanded and suspended from the police force. But this doesn’t affect Behzat’s life as he is supported by his team – Harun, Akbaba, Cevdet, and Eda – all through his journey while solving the murder cases. His brother also helps him sometimes. The episodes of the series get substantial enough, when the serial killer villain along his assistant enters the series in each of the episodes, killing many bureaucrats. Behzat and his team are busy in resolving the murder cases of Government officials besides finding the mysterious murderer of his daughter.

#3 Adini Feriha Koydum – I named her Feriha (2011-2012)

The plot is about a poor and a beautiful girl who pretends to be rich to win the love of her life. Feriha’s family lives in the neighborhood of luxury apartment. Her father is a maintenance worker at the apartment and her mother helps his father as a housekeeper. Sometimes, Feriha also performs the chores such as collecting garbage, cleaning the apartment stairs.

The family looks up to Feriha as she manages to get the admission based on the scholarship in a private university. Soon after Feriha joins the university, she becomes popular among all the students. She pretends to belong to a wealthy family by showing off the luxury in her behavior and the dressing style. Soon she is in love with the handsome and wealthy guy of the university.

One day, when Feriha ‘s father approaches her at the university, she lies to her friends about his identity. This leads Feriha to utter several other lies and misdeeds to cover up her real identity. The plot is all about the struggles that Feriha faces due to her fake identity that dramatically affects her love life and all other relationships.

#4 Kuzey Guney – North-South (2011-2013)

The TV Series is all about the love and anger between 2 brothers. The plot of this Turkish TV Series has a great resemblance to the  Indian Movie named “Gundey” starring Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh, and Arjun Kapoor.

Kuzey and Guney are 2 brothers that have completely opposite personalities. Kuzey is rebellious and short-tempered person whereas his Older brother Guney is calm and composed. Kuzey and Guney are closely bound to each other until a lady named Cemre enters their neighborhood. Both Kuzey and Guney develop a friendship with Cemre. Slowly the relationships between the trio get complicated as Kuzey and Guney, unaware of each other’s intentions, falls in love with Cemre. When Kuzey decides to express his love to Cemre, he finds Guney and Cemre getting closer. This drives Kuzey crazy out of his furious anger. Soon Guney and Kuzey meet a car accident that kills someone. Kuzey confesses to his brother Guney’s crime and ends up imprisonment for 4 years, leaving Guney to remorse.

When Kuzey is released from the jail, he realizes that Guney has snatched away his fortune. Out of hatred towards Guney, He feels Guney has taken away his dreams of becoming a soldier, deprived him of mother’s love and stole his lady love. Thus, Kuzey is all set to find his inner peace by avenging the good fortunes of Guney.

#5 Leyla ile Mecnun (2011-2014)

Leyla ile Mecnun is best Turkish TV series and one of the Turkish dramas to watch that mixes the comedy elegantly with drama. Together with a touchy story and enjoyable comedy, this comedy series is one of the best Turkish Series ever. This Turkish TV series is based on the legendary and the famous Arabic love-story “Layla and Majnun”, authored by the Azeri poet Fuzuli.

The story is about the love between Leyla and Mecnun. The plot begins with two babies, who take birth on the same day and share the same hospital bed. Seeing this, the fathers of the babies decide to name them after the famous legendary love story characters, Leyla and Mecnun. Also, The fathers promised each other that they will marry Leyla and Mecnun in the future.

After several years, Leyla becomes a rich and beautiful girl with a pure and innocent heart with a modest character. Mecnun portrays nice, and funny person, pure at heart and belongs to a poor family. The destiny makes them meet again after 25 years. Mecnun falls in love at first sight with Leyla and tries to impress her to win her love. A wise old man appears in the dreams of Mecnun who later appear in his real life, helps Mecnun to find ways to reach attain the eternal love.Meanwhile, The evil Arda team up with his father to break the love of Leyla and Mecnun.

#6 Diriliş Ertuğrul – Resurrection of Ottoman Empire (2014–)

Diriliş Ertuğrul is known to be the best Turkish TV series to watch. This is a true historical story based on the life of Ertugul, father of Osman-I and founder of Ottoman Empire. When Ertugul’s clan is affected by Famine, he along with his father strives to find a better place for his nomadic people to settle. When he goes on a search for the land with his friends, he finds Halime and her family being attacked by the Temple Knights. Soon Ertugul and his friends save the life of the girl and her family. He brings them to his clan, unknowing of their real identity. Halime and her family belong to Seljuk Empire.Their arrival brings more troubles to the Kayi clan as they face the attacks from the Temple Knights and the Seljuk Empire itself. Ertugul finds a land for his empire in Halep. He makes an agreement with Halep shah to assist Halep to fight with Temple Knights in exchange for the land.Thus, the story leads to the resurrection of Ottoman Empire and later Ertugul finds his love in Halime.

#7 Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kosem – Magnificent Century Kosem (2015–2017)

Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kosem is the Best Turkish TV series based on the real life of the Kanuni Sultan Ahmed Süleyman and the love between his queen Kosem. The great Sultan and his powerful woman make one of the best historical couples of Turkey, as they are known for their warrior attitudes and the passionate love. Though this TV Series is mythical, the fundamental respect for truth remains pure. This historical story depicts how an innocent woman raises to high ranks and becomes powerful in the dominating world of men in Ottoman Empire.

Sultan Ahmed is the 14th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and rules the throne until his death between 1603 and 1617.After the death of his father, Sultan Ahmed becomes miserable but finds happiness in the portrait of a girl holding a lamb. This portrait was gifted by his Grandmother. The Grandmother decides to find the girl in the portrait to keep her grandson happy. Soon she sends her men in search of the girl. The girl is found in the Greek empire and is brought to the Sultans palace as a gift. Soon the innocent girl and Sultan start falling for each other. Though she wants to return to her homeland, she feels bound to Sultan Ahmed and unable to leave him. So she decides to live with Sultan Ahmed and takes the name of Kosem. Kosem devotes herself to Sultan Ahmed and develops the interest to become the most powerful woman ruler.The rest of the plot is all about her struggles and sacrifices. She loses all her innocence and all her beloved in the journey to rise to above the level of Queen Harem Sultan.

#8 Kara Sevda – Endless Love (2015-2017)

This is one of the Top 10 Turkish TV Series with high ratings. This thriller series is about a young girl, who unwillingly, sacrifices her love for hiding a family secret. The plot depicts strong loving passion between a couple and yet stay separated from each other to live a completely different circumstantial life.

Kara Sevda is a thrilling love story of a rich girl Nihan and a poor guy Kemal. Nihan meets Kemal by sheer coincidence. They both become friendly and comfortable in each other’s company.Soon Nihan and Kemal fall in love. When they decide to marry, another rich guy Emir, who is a friend of Nihan’s family enters the plot. Emir rescues Nihan’s brother, Ozan, from getting convicted in a murder case, on a condition that Nihan should marry him. Soon Nihan breaks up with Kemal and marries Emir.

After 5 years, Kemal becomes a successful businessman and meets Emir to start a new business. Love blooms again, when Kemal meets Nihan. The rest of the plot is the journey of a complicated love triangle between the trio.

#9 Vatanım Sensin – Wounded Love (2016- )

Vatanim Sensin is one among the Top 10 Turkish TV series and is based on Turkish Independence. It is popular for its theme that depicts the feelings of soldier such as patriotism for the motherland  and love for family both at the same time. Cevdet is an Ottoman Commander who fights to save his country in the Balkans War and has a family with wife Azize,mother Hasibe,2 daughters-yildiz and Hilal, and an adopted son Ali Kemal. Tevfik is close friend of Cevdet.

Tevfit secretly loves Azize.To get closer to Azize, he plans to remove Cevdet and hence he betrays him and gets him captured by the Greek military for 8 years. Soon, the people in the Balkans region are forced to move to another region Izmir. Azize leaves everything behind and moves on.She struggles to support her family and often misses her husband. After several years, The Greeks attack the Ottoman empire and Cevdet is seen to support the Greeks. The people see him as a traitor, but Cevdet is on a hard secret mission to save the end of Ottoman Empire. The plot reveals the struggles of Cevdet is a true soldier at heart as he fakes the surrender to Greeks to resist and stop the Greek invasion. Alongside, he also attempts to win the trust of Azize and get her back in his life.

#10 Siyah Beyaz Ask – Black and White Love (2017- )

Siyah Beyaz Ask is the highly rated best Turkish series in the genre of romance and action. It is the best Turkish Series ever that depicts the concept of eternal love. The plot revolves around passionate friction between Ferhat and Asli. Asli is a free-spirited loyal doctor who believes in humanity, while Ferhat is a cold-blooded man and works for his uncle assisting him in illegal activities. When Ferhat shoots a man who betrays his business, Asli is bought by Ferhat’s team to an unknown place for the recovery of the wounded man. Asli tries to escape from Ferhat’s captivity but in vain. Ferhat gets closer to Asli. He falls in love with her and wants to marry her.

Finally, relish watching the aforesaid Turkish TV Series that has portrayed the essence of romance very differently. Its for sure that one of these touchy Turkish TV Series would become closer to your heart.

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