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April 12, 2018

7 Best Trilogies to read that Reveals the Essence of India

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Best Trilogies to Read - Taj Mahal Trilogy by Indu Sundaresan

The Lord of the Rings, Millenium Series, Hunger Games and Fifty Shades series are some of the most popular book trilogies around the World. The trilogies signify the author’s orientation towards the continuous representation of fictional characters in a fantasy world. The author interweaves the character’s role in the twists and tales of the plot yet maintaining the chronological order of the events in the plot. The following are best trilogies that reveal adventurous India besides the Indian mythology, the historical culture, and the eternal love.

#1 Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi

The Shiva Trilogy is one of the best fantasy book series whose plot is purely based on the revered and the most powerful Hindu God – “The Lord-Shiva”. The book depicts the Lord –Shiva as a man whom the history turned into a God. This is the best trilogies to read and the most popular book series that was released during 2010 and 2013. The trilogy consists of the books named: The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayuputras.

The plot of the trilogies revolves around the story of Suryavanshis in the land of Meluha, built by Lord Ram, during 1900 B.C. The Suryavanshis face the terror attacks from the Chandravanshis and Nagas. When evil exceeds its limits, a man named Shiva comes to the rescue of Suryavanshis. Shiva is also in search of the Naga warrior who killed his friend Brihaspati. Shiva’s concern to protect his wife, Sati and his vengeance towards evil take him through the journey from the land of Meluha to the land of serpent people, the Nagas. Shiva gathers all his forces to fight a series of deadly battles to destroy the evil forces with the alliance of Vayuputras. Discover the unknown mysteries, the hidden secrets and the pricking truth that uncovers the Shiva’s path of becoming the most powerful GOD in one of the fast selling and best fantasy books of all times.

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Best Trilogies to Read - Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi

#2 Taj Mahal Trilogy by  Indu Sundaresan

An enchanting 17th-century epic of majesty, passion and adventure, Indu Sundaresan, an American Author, has given India one of the best trilogies to read. It narrates the captivating story of one of India’s most legendary and controversial empresses- The great Noor-Jahan. She was a woman of grit and grace. Her passionate love and loyalty towards her royal husband, her brilliance and sheer determination destabilized innumerable obstacles that molded the course of the upcoming Mughal Empire. The trilogy consists of the books named The Twentieth wife, The Feast of Roses and The Shadow Princess published between 2002 and 2010.

The trilogy is a story of a woman “Meherunnisa” whose birth, during a fateful storming winter in 1577, positively transforms the fortune of Persian refugee family. Unknowing of her destiny, the ill-fated Meherunnisa finds her true, intense and loyal love in Prince Jehangir. Empress Noor-Jahan (Meherunnisa) is the Twentieth Wife of Emperor Jahangir. She combats against all the powerful political rivals in the empire, with all her will and might, to gain the royal power and stature. Being behind the veil, she rules the Mughal dynasty by retaining the support, trust, and love of Emperor Jahangir.

The trilogy also depicts the royal daughters – Jahanara and Roshanara, who competed with each other for everything – the royal power, wealth, love of life and the father’s throne – for the future of their kingdom.

Best Trilogies to Read - Taj Mahal Trilogy by Indu Sundaresan

#3 Ibis Trilogy by Amitav Ghosh

The trilogy consists of the books namely Sea of Poppies, River of Smoke and Flood of Fire published during 2008 and 2015.The historical focus of the trilogy is laid on the Indian farmers, who were forced by the East India Company, to cultivate and trade the opium; the smuggling and trading of opium to the Parsi merchant community in China; and The First Opium War against the Chinese, with the aid of the Indian soldiers.

The Trilogy also interweaves the struggles of Opium period with the romantic characters – Deeti and Kahlua, Robin Chinnery and Jacqua. It also depicts the love quadrangle of the characters – Captain Mee, Cathay Burnham, Zachary Reid, and Paulette Lambert. This is popular and one of the best trilogies that is a historical fiction and covers all the main effects of the trade and the war, affecting the lives of Indians.

Best Trilogies to Read - Ibis Trilogy by Amitava Ghosh

#4 Heart of India Trilogy by Linda Lee Chaikin

This is the best trilogies to read, that depicts the historical fiction full of mysterious events accompanied by suspense and romance, set during the 1700s, the historical period of British rule when casteism was prevalent in India. The trilogy consists of the books named The Silk, Under Eastern Stars and The Kingscote released between 1993 and 1994.

Coral Kendall, an English woman and the heiress of Kingscote Silk Plantation, adopts an untouchable boy, who belonged to the lowest caste of India. Despite the huge cultural gap, the duo shared a mother and a son relationship. Soon a tragedy forays in the life of Kendall, when the boy is abducted. In the pursuit of finding her missing adopted son, Silk heiress Coral Kendall plans to open a school for India’s underprivileged children, better known as “The Untouchables”. Her plans are not approved by Sir Hugo Roxbury, the dominant ambassador of the East India Company. Dr. Ethan Boswell helps Kendall to set up the school. An Army Major Jace Buckley fights the convoluted Indians while tracing the missing adopted son. Now Kendall is in dilemma to decide whom she can trust to help her.

Best Trilogies to Read - Heart of India Trilogy by Linda Lee Chaikin

#5 Raisina Series Trilogy by Krishna Pratap Singh

The trilogy consists of Raisina 1,2 and 3 namely The Young Turks, Delhi Durbar and The War Ministry respectively. It is an Indian political thriller that reflects the selfish motives of the empowered corrupt leaders who depend on the public wealth. The twists in the trilogy make it the best trilogies as it showcases the corruption as a profession and the relationship between the politicians, bureaucrats, and their political coup.

Azim Khan and Karan Nehru are great friends, who join the politics under circumstantial conditions, despite their lack of interests. Azim picks up politics and climbs the ladder to conquer the western Uttar Pradesh and becomes the leader of Muslim India. Karan rules the eastern Uttar Pradesh and adjoining states. Soon both become Cabinet ministers under the prime ministerial ship of former congressman Y K Naidu. Soon their ideologies start falling apart. The friends get inflicted by the malevolent colleague and soon they become against each other, thus depicting the traditional wisdom that there can be no friends in politics. Azim becomes the first Muslim Prime Minister (PM) to rule India and Karan becomes the Deputy PM. The Deputy PM questions the capabilities of PM to run the Government as India runs into the crisis of War with Pakistan and China. Azim along with his team struggles to earn the trust of Indian people under his leadership.

Best Trilogies to Read - Raisina Series Trilogy by Krishna Pratap Singh

#6 A Shadow in Eternity Trilogy by Payal Dhar

This Trilogy is one of the best fantasy book series whose plot is based on a young girl named Maya Subramanian. The book depicts the adventurous journey of Maya, who travels to a parallel world known as ‘Eternity’. This is the best trilogies to read for teens that were released during 2006 and 2009. The trilogy has the series of books namely – The Shadow in Eternity, The Timeless Land, The Key of Chaos.

The Trilogy is a story of 12 years old Maya’s adventurous journey to the alternative world –“Eternity”. She, along with her friends Lev and Noah, discovers an ancient warrior conspiracy where a prophecy predicts that she will destruct the time. Soon all 3 friends face the consequences both in the timeless land and the real world. She doubts her ability to differentiate between the right and the wrong. Though her parents try to stop her involvement in the fictional world, Maya is convinced to find and meet the prophecy. Soon she finds herself in the middle of the deadly race with her friends Lev and Noah. Maya has to win the race to make peace and balance between her illusionary world and the real world. Maya, also finds the meaning of true friendship in the journey.

Best Trilogies to Read - A Shadow in Eternity Trilogy by Payal Dhar

#7 The Game World Trilogy by Samit Basu  

The trilogy consists of the books namely The Simoqin Prophecies, The Manticore’s Secrets and The Unwaba Revelations released during 2006 and 2009.

It’s not dystopian fiction, but the GameWorld Trilogy is one of the best fantasy book series similar to the Hunger Games series. It is humorous and blends Indian and European mythologies with ease and expertise. It has elements of philosophy, fun, and surprise. From Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, the Chronicle of Narnia, RobinHood, Lord of the Rings, The Arabian Nights, to Ramayana and Mahabharata , the trilogy is a breath-taking ride of the world, heavily mixing the diversified cultures of the world. Traversing the earth, sea and sky, this, action-packed, epic trilogy covers the magical world of its numerous heroes from mythology and tales that includes every Indian, Swedish, Scandinavian, Egyptian, European, American, British, and Irish. Many characters retain their mortal lives with sanity and happiness at the end of the plot.

Best Trilogies - Best Trilogies to Read - The Game World Trilogy by Samit Basu

So, Grab the book series and a cup of Coffee to sip, before you begin to take a deep dive into these best trilogies that reflects the crux of India. Happy reading!

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