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March 22, 2018

25 Best Simpsons Episodes Of All Time

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Best Simpsons Episode

Well we are all well-aware of Homer, Maggie, Marge, Lisa and Bart. Absolutely they are none other than our beloved characters from the Simpsons television series. The Simpsons have almost become an American institution, with a number of children sitting glued to the screen when it is telecasted, repeated or so. While at the same time it is hugely popular among adults as well. Want to watch the series but not sure where to start from? We’ve made the task a bit convenient for you, by sorting and listing some of the best Simpsons episodes of all times that have received love from people of diverse age groups. Here is a selection of the 25 best Simpsons episodes ever. Grab some popcorn and enjoy some  of the Simpsons funniest moments.

#1 Stark Raving Dad – Season 3

This episode in particular gets and gathers fame from the fact that it involves the king of pop, you might have just guessed right, it’s none other than Michael Jackson. The episode fine tune begins when one morning Homer is seen particularly disgusted with the fact that Bart’s red hat has changed the color of his shirts, a pretty pink. Homer’s behavior leads him to the New Bedlam Rest Home, where he meets a white guy, claiming to be MJ, who then helps Bart write a song for Lisa, which is by far the cutest and most lovely song in the entire series. Towards the end of the episode it is revealed that, the man is Leon Kompowsky.

#2 Lisa’s First Word – Season 4

The Simpsons episodes are just not famous for their funny gags, but also for the poignant gestures of the love in a family. This episode steals hearts due to its sheer sweet portrayal of the first word the baby of the house utters. This is a heart-warming episode. Bart finally gets to hear the word daddy, as his little baby Lisa speaks for the first time. The scene develops from the fact that the entire Simpson family is trying real hard to get Maggie speak, Bart wanders off to the day when Lisa said her first word.
It is touching and sentimental as all of us have had such family moments sometime or the other.

#3 Bart Sells His Soul – Season 7

It’s more of a horror comedy, Bart is on for an existential crisis. One night when a challenging fellow classmates questions human soul and its existence, Bart declares selling his soul to Daniels in an agreement. He has weird visions of his classmates playing with souls, is confused and in a state of dilemma, as to whether he should have actually done so. But Lisa comes to the rescue and she gets Bart’s soul back. And a lot of hilarious moments await you on the voyage to get the soul back.

#4 Lisa’s Wedding – Season 6

The Simpsons are at the Renaissance fair, Lisa lands up at a booth wherein sits, a fortune teller, who claims to predict Lisa’s future and love life. We are shown a time lapse of 15 years, Lisa has become a 23-year-old woman, who falls in love with a fellow student. This English man Hugh Park field, is also deeply in love with her and both decide to culminate their love into marriage. They visit Springfield to meet the family, where Hugh fails to strike a familiar chord with Lisa’s family. They end breaking up and it later appears that the fortune teller is only good at predicting ‘failed relationships’.

#5 You Only Move Twice – Season 8

Homer lands up a new job, and for that he has to move away from Springfield. It can in short be called a journey of self-discovery. The family moves to a new town, Bart, Lisa and Marge have been given separate focus in the storyline of this episode. The title is a reference to the James Bond movie, you only live twice.

#6 Radio Bart – Season 3

Bart realizes that the gift he has received from Homer, at least has some worth. The gift is a Superstar Celebrity Microphone. Bart uses this gift at his disposal to prank people. Sometimes pretending to be someone else, sometimes telling Rod and Todd, that he is god. Bart continuously keeps up the ruse on for some time.

#7 Lisa’s Substitute – Season 2

This is a short episode that revolves around Lisa. There is an ensuing, one of the most memorable moments in the Simpsons history. While Bart runs for the class president, Lisa falls for her substitute teacher. This one can technically be called a Bart and Lisa exchange. Lisa has a tragic time going through an intellectual crush. This is one of the best Simpsons episodes ever since there is a little of love enveloping throughout.

#8 Homer the Heretic – Season 4

Homer skips church and spends time making his favorite waffles. While the entire Simpson family is at the church, Homer enjoys time at home. There is a lot of seriousness about religion portrayed in a very subtle manner in this episode. The Simpsons episode on Homer and his short-lived atheism, is equally a short one. It also includes a cameo by God.

#9 Much Apu About Nothing – Season 7

Well this one has drawn a serious amount of criticism, it is an ode to an American immigrant. While Appu scrambles for his citizenship, the Homers become a part of this menace. But what makes it an important episode is, it’s take on the aspect of the society that blames its own problems on refugees and immigrants.

#10 Mother Simpson – Season 7

Homer’s mother who had died few years back, somehow shows up. The sudden appearance of Mona, is absolutely mysterious.
It is one of the funniest Simpsons episode but is equally sad. It is one of those emotional episodes that you don’t want to miss for any reason. The family has to unite to keep Mona with them, and find out who has kept her away for so long.

#11 Treehouse of Horror VII – Season 8

It’s one of the Simpsons Halloween special episodes, a parody of the usual horror stories. A tale that revolves around the attic, like the usual scary stories do. Bart is somehow taken to be the evil twin, while there is the concept of the scar on the wrong side of the evil one.
If you want spookiness with a pinch of laughter, this is just the right episode.

#12 Homer’s Triple Bypass – Season 4

Homer has a massive heart attack. Mr Burns catches Homer not doing the job efficiently, he fires Homer. And this leads to the heart attack, Homer slowly drifts off as anesthesia starts working, while it is touching to watch his kids waiting outside the hospital room.

#13 The Cartridge Family – Season 9

When riots break out and safety equipment seem to be way more than expensive, Homer decides to buy a gun. Homer’s take with the gun, is definitely a hilarious one. It is a lightweight but one of the very strong episodes of Simpsons. But the fact that there is a whole lot of frenzy in the entire episode, accounts this one as one of the best Simpsons episode ever.

#14 Homer’s Phobia – Season 8

Homer suffers from homophobia, and the whole family is worried for him. Homer is scared of Bart’s friendship with a gay guy, John and to keep him away, Homer takes Bart out for hunting. By the end of the episode the show delivers a reflective and heart-felt message on how petty such thoughts are. Homer realizes that it’s alright for Bart to have gay friends and is equally normal. This episode accounts among the best Simpsons episode, due to the very fact, that it is humor mixed with introspection.

#15 King Size Homer – Season 7

Homer plans on getting the disability benefit and for that he plans on gaining 61 pounds. It is a very much a Homer-centric episode. Home’s journey to gain weight is more than just funny. Well the episode is a fun time ride indeed and has some of the funniest Simpsons moments ever. And when you watch it you’ll get to know why it is listed among the 25 best Simpsons episode.

#16 Trash of the Titans – Season 9

This one is an Emmy Award winning episode, this one is Homer’s campaign episode for sure. There is a standout moment where Homer and Ray debate over the garbage issue, the town doesn’t get a solution to its litter problem till the end of the episode. And it seems that this captures the funniest Simpsons episodes moments.

#17 Homer Goes to College – Season 5

Homer doesn’t have a great idea of life at college, but since he is dangerously not qualified, he has to attend one. But going back to college calls for some fun and Homer is back his childish and enjoyable self, but he hasn’t learnt any lessons. This episode is popular for the fact that it was the last episode written by Conan O’ Brien before he left for Tv shows.

#18 Homer vs The 18th Amendment – Season 8

A ban on drinking alcohol is placed after Bart gets caught in a drunk state. While Homer involves in a bootlegging business, there is a hilarious criminal touch to the episode. The episode ends with a booze-soaked line, to alcohol! The cause of and solution to, all life’s problems.

#19 I Love Lisa – Season 4

Lisa gives Ralph a card on valentine’s day just because she pities him. For some time, Ralph celebrates this fact. But Lisa later dumps him on Krusty’s 29th anniversary show. Lisa although is still sweet and offers him a card stating, let’s be friends. For sure one of the best Simpson episode ever.

#20 The Last Temptation of Homer – Season 5

Equally amusing as its title speaks for itself, this episode is quite different and on another level of hilaritude. Mindy Simpons, the new female employee is the reason for Homer’s sudden interest at work. But we know that Homer will still be faithful as his marriage has already survived a lot of storms. This is rightly one of the best Simpsons episode ever with a lot of drama.

#21 Bart Gets an F Grade – Season 2

Bart is sad and feels dejected as he tries hard and does not score well. He breaks down in front of his teacher, and discovers that she is not that heartless, as she appears on the surface. This is in the list of episodes worth watching since we can all connect to this particular incident.

#22 Homerpalooza – Season 7

Homer desperately attempts to maintain his cool, it is a look into the way elderly fall out of modern culture and try to strike a chord. It carries an inevitability of growing old, as Homer wants to rekindle his old self.

#23 Behind the Laughter – Season 11

It is a parody of VH1’s behind the music series, and there isn’t much to be revealed about this one, you sure need to watch it as Homer turns to address the camera.

Best Simpsons Episode

#24 Flaming Moe’s – Season 3

It is considered to be a classic episode, when Moe’s business is at a downfall, Homer tells him of a secret cocktail recipe. But later when he visits the bar Moe gives him no credit. It is a blend of emotions and betrayal for Homer. Indeed can be called one of the best Simpsons episode.

#25 Two Bad Neighbors – Season 7

This one is best among the Simpsons episodes since it resembles a real-life feud between two neighbors. It is a controversial episode as the neighbor is represented as George H. Bush.

This family can indeed be called the greatest set of television characters that have taken our hearts by their humorously cute activities. There are several best Simpsons episode to choose from, rather there are some of its season, that might just be your favourite in totality, but if you are considering an evening full of frolic and laughter, without going through the internet in an ambiguous search, you are just at the right place.

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