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February 14, 2018

15 Best Romance Novels of All Time

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Best Romance Novels of all Time

Our expressions hold a potential to soothe pain, to incite happiness and to provoke anger. These mere terms can bring a world together, as well as split it apart. Most importantly, these expressions can make you feel loved and give you fantasies beyond forever. Such concepts give you hope about good things that can happen to you and it is these expressions when written on paper, becomes history. Time flies but these words always stay the same.

There are books for every condition and occurrence. Be it fiction, thriller, mystery, passion or romance, books are accessible in all genres. I always refer to my stash of books to find that one perfect expression to show my compassion for that special someone.

Here’s a list of 15 best romance novels for you to read for the times when words don’t come easily to you. Romantic Novels are sexy, fun and amazingly popular and they encourage you to express your love. So how will you find out which love story is right for you? Start with these 15 romantics for now. If you love these, there’s a lot more to love.

#1  Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

‘In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.’

One of the best romance novels of all time, Pride and Prejudice is a story about how Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy fall in love. This novel talks about how our society compares love with status and wealth. This charming love story teaches that love doesn’t know money and is much more than that.

Best Romance Novels - Pride and Prejudice

#2  Gentle Rogue – Johanna Lindsey

‘Anytime, anywhere, ask, and I am yours’

Old School Romance!

Diva altered as a boy!

The sexual inclination between two beings!

YES. Interfering families, two headstrong lovers and you have the making of an extraordinary romance.

Best Romance Novels - Gentle Rogue

#3 Devil in Winter – Lisa Kleypas

‘My love is upon you’

This historical romance novel talks about the one who finds power and determination from love, the one who endures improving remorseless rouge.

Best Romance Novels - the Devil in Winter

#4 At Any Price – Brenna Aubrey

‘I can’t promise that things will be perfect. But I can promise you that I will never give this up. Because I don’t think I knew how to live before you came into my life’

This novel is an engaging geek-romance set in the remarkable locales around the fair world. The story spins around Mia, a young medical student with loads of debt, a love for gaming and an ascertainment to remain single. She is 22 and feels it is time to auction off her virginity. Enters Adam, a modern hot CEO and a founder of a gaming company. Ha!! Their bond should be prompt and falling in love shouldn’t be a factor.

Best Romance Novels - At Any Price

#5 The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

‘I fall in love the way you fall asleep, slowly, and then all at once’

The Fault in Our Stars has made us realize how to love the most even when your time together is being measured. This heartbreaking tale is all about making the most of every moment so that you have enough memories to remember and cherish your whole life.

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Best Romance Novels - The Fault in Our Stars

#6 Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

‘I have for the first time found what I can truly love, I have found you’

The novel reveals the devoted love of a woman and her encounter with some ugly secrets. This story has a happy ending. So, if you are looking for a love story as dramatic as yours, then this sure will be the best read.

Best Romance Novels - Jane Eyre

#7 A Walk to Remember – Nicholas Sparks

‘I was in love, and the feeling was even more wonderful than I ever imagined it to be’

The novel talks about the sentimental teenage romance. It instills hope deep within us, making us smile and I’m sure it has a feel-good factor too. Even if we are done reading this book, Jamie and Landon stay viable within our hearts.

Best Romance Novels - A Walk to Remember

#8 P.S. I LOVE YOU – Cecelia Ahern

‘Don’t be afraid to fall in love again. Open your heart and follow where it leads you… and remember, shoot for the moon’

One of the best romance novels, you have to read this book or watch the movie. It still feels as good as the first time, isn’t it? Gerry and Holly’s eternal love has motivated a lot of us. A lot of you have taken hints from Gerry and left behind letters of love for your love. This novel mentions that it’s okay to give love a second chance and not lose faith in the idea and the spirit of love just because it didn’t go well at the initial go.

Best Romance Novels - PS I Love You

#9 The Secret History of the Pink Carnation – Lauren Willig

‘Patience is only a virtue when there is something worth waiting for’

This historical romance novel features a story within a story. A modern-day student Eloise Kelly is examining spies of the Napoleonic Era and topples upon a great mystery and even fabulous love story. This novel is bold, daring and laugh out loud hysterical.

Best Romance Novels - The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

#10 A Bollywood Affair – Sonali Dev

‘You can’t learn anything from losing someone you love. Any lesson you learn from that isn’t a lesson. It’s a compromise with life. A lie you tell yourself’

A modern romance featuring misnamed identities and a twist on the matrimony plot. This novel talks about Mili, who is waiting for a man she believes to be her husband. Her brother wants to get her signature on the annulment papers. But!! Divorce isn’t that easy in such a case.

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Best Romance Novels - A Bollywood Affair

#11 Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

‘All I can say is that you make me into someone I couldn’t even imagine. You make me happy, even when you are awful’

A sober love tale of a quadriplegic man and his wonderful nurse, who falls in love. This novel tells us about how love can transform one for the better and even make someone feel worst about certain things.

Best Romance Novels - Me Before You

#12 Fifty Shades Trilogy – E. L. James

‘You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince’

The trilogy examines the darker side of love along with eroticism. Christian Grey, a billionaire with a disturbed past falls for Anastasia Steele, a college graduate and then, all hell breaks loose.

Best Romance Novels - 50 Shades Trilogy

#13 Where Rainbow Ends – Cecelia Ahern

‘You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you’re doing, where you are, who you’re with and if you’re OK’

Remember Shahrukh, Rani and Kajol’s KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI? If yes, you will also remember, Shahrukh’s leading dialogue – Love is Friendship!

Ahaa, this is precisely the same message this book tries to put forward. It is a pure tale of some fumbled chances where two people grow together, fall in love with the different people but never let their love die for each other and eventually end up being together. It is narrated gracefully.

Best Romance Novels - Where Rainbow Ends

#14 The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

‘You are and always have been, my dream’

The Notebook apprehends sentiments, revelations, and the happily ever after very gracefully. This novel captivates the true spirit of love, strengthening the fact that love truly is in infirmity and in health and is the most exquisite feeling in the world.

Best Romance Novels - The Notebook

#15 One Day – David Nicholls

‘And it was at moments like this that she had to remind herself that she was in love with him or had once been in love with him, a long time ago’

Imagine meeting the person you fondly love only once in a year. And to top it all, this practice continues for 20 years! One Day is an unchained extraordinary tale of two winning souls trying to make it work through the most torturous circumstances.

Best Romance Novels - One Day

There are some of the best romance novels that always top my list. Each and every part of these best-sellers have some or the other heartfelt games that could make you cry or make you happy, or even leave you curious to find out what would follow next. You are sure to feel every dialogue in these romantic novels.

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