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February 16, 2018

13 Best Plants for Bedroom to Know About

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Best Plants for Bedroom

It is no secret why we are told to spend some quality time in nature. Today’s rat race i.e. the constant competition to be better than the other, has taken a toll on us. These days most of us suffer from either anxiety issue or depression. And often we hear from people how they kept on twisting and turning the whole night, but couldn’t catch sleep. Pollution to work pressure, relationship stress to stock market downfall, anything and everything takes away our peace of mind. With peace goes away our sleep and then the whole system gets crashed.

Taking vacations can be one solution to our never-ending problems, but how frequent? It’s not the most economical solution though. On the other hand, nature is. The easiest way to stay near and connected to nature is to plant one in your garden. Well, what if you don’t have a garden. Here is a list of 13 best plants for bedroom or to be kept inside your home.  The advantage of having them at homes is that you’ll have clean air to breathe and also the moisture in the home would be good. The added benefit, these plants will soothe your nerves, calm you down and will let you fall asleep faster every night.

#13 Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos has been a part of NASA’S study of air cleaning plants. Golden Pothos also goes by the name of money plant, devil’s ivy and silver vine. This is one of the best indoor plant for clean air . It is known to remove toxins from air such as benzene, xylene, toluene and formaldehyde. So, if you wish to breathe clean fresh air, you should definitely start with buying golden pothos for your home and office space. Also to be noted, it doesn’t require much watering and sunlight.

best plants for bedroom - golden pothos

#12 Cast Iron Plant

The number 12 on our list is Cast Iron-Plant, also known as Bar Room Plant. This plant from Taiwan is perfect to be kept indoors. It is tolerant to neglect, doesn’t require regular watering, and is friendly to low light, low humidity, and also temperature fluctuations. The shiny dark green leaves not just work as a decor to the room but also have a calming effect on people. The benefits of Cast Iron Plant includes its nontoxic nature to cats and dogs. Isn’t this great?

Best Plants for Bedroom - Cast Iron Plant

#11 Bamboo Palm

Just like its exotic name, bamboo palm gives the feel of a beach and pleasant sunshine. Bamboo palm is a great natural room freshener, which relieves the airborne smell and several other toxins. Apart from providing fresh and pure air, bamboo palm also helps in providing a good night sleep. This is one of those plants that help you sleep better. The benefits of bamboo palm are double fold – beauty with benefits. So why not make a small investment today that gives you a long time profit.

Best Plants for Bedroom - Bamboo Palm


#10 Peace Lily

Peace lily, a pleasing yet gorgeous plant is known to filter harmful toxins such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde toxins.

This bedroom friendly plant must be kept away from the reach of pets and children in a nice shade. Peace Lily requires weekly watering but the benefit of having peace lily is that your room will have a nice decor apart from you having a peaceful and sound night sleep. It is one of the plants that help you sleep.

Best Plants for Bedroom - Peace Lily

#9 English Ivy

English Ivy is one of the best plants that improves the quality of air at homes. English ivy requires moderate sunlight and is low on maintenance. Like Valerian, English ivy is also known to help in problems like asthma and anxiety. English ivy is an air purifier, a much needed plant in today’s time of pollution. It is definitely an important plant for a cleaner and fresher air to breathe. The only thing one should keep in mind is that it is toxic to kids and pets.

Best Plants for Bedroom - English Ivy

#8 Jasmine

Jasmine has been known for its medicinal properties. Its aroma is known to help people with depression in calming them down. It helps them find relief and provides a relaxing effect. A relaxed mind easily falls asleep. In short, a jasmine in the bedroom helps in making you fall asleep faster. An Added benefit, your home would always smell beautiful and look beautiful too.

Best Plants for Bedroom - Jasmine

#7 Lavender

Lavender, one of the most beautiful looking and smelling plant is well known for inducing sleep and reducing anxiety and stress level. According to certain reports, the scent of lavender has shown to reduce or slow down heart rate, lower blood pressure and stress level. The benefits of lavender not just include reduction of stress and anxiety and sleep induction, but also its anti-inflammatory qualities and skin care properties are a bonus. Overall this plant is a treasure to keep, so why not have potted lavender at home itself.

Best Plants for Bedroom - Lavender

#6 Valerian

Valerian is one of those indoor plants that require sunlight, but is also known to treat sleep disorders. Valerian can be substituted to sleeping pills, which is a healthier and natural solution for insomnia. This indoor plant is also used for several conditions related to anxiety and psychological stress such as asthma, hysterical states, fear of illness, and migraine, to name a few. Valerian are plants that help you sleep. Thus, Valerian is a keeper and one great bedroom plant that treats both anxiety and sleep disorders.

Best Plants for Bedroom - Valerian

#5 Snake Plant

This indoor plant comes in the list most reliable plants that improve air quality. It improves the indoor air quality, and is also known to filter common household toxins from the air. Its ability to emit oxygen at night helps people fall asleep faster.  It is a great toxic remover. Thus, if you are someone who has a hard time falling asleep, do keep one or two snake plants at your home. And yes, it’s super easy to maintain.

Best Plants for Bedroom - Snake Plant

#4 Gardenia

This Asian plant has glossy green leaves and beautiful smelling white summer flowers. Gardenia requires a little care and maintenance, but the profits of having one overshadows it. The advantage of keeping this bedroom plant is that it helps in providing relief in cases of depression and anxiety. It is also known to promote better quality sleep, thus very beneficial in cases of insomnia. Relief from stress and a sound sleep, what could be better than this?

Best Plants for Bedroom - Gardenia


#3 Spider Plant

Spider plant is the number 1 plant for air purifying. This natural air cleanser is scientifically proven to reduce about 90% of potential cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde from the air. Our homes are also full of such toxins in form of adhesives, fillers, etc. Thus, spider plant benefits is manifold. Apart from being one of the best plants for bedroom, it is also make it in the list of plants that improve air quality. The other advantage of keeping this indoor plant is that it helps one sleep better. And who doesn’t like a good night sleep? It is good to be kept in elderly or kids rooms. So a spider plant is a must in every home.

Best Plants for Bedroom - Spider Plant


#2 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most common seen indoor plant. It is also one of the best plants for bedroom. We all are aware of its benefits to the health and skin. But a very few of us know that the benefits of Aloe Vera include its ability to produce oxygen at night. Yes, you read that right. Aloe Vera produces oxygen at night, which helps people near it fall asleep faster.  It must also be noted that Aloe Vera is a major air purifying indoor plant and doesn’t even require much of your attention. It is a perfect summer plant to be kept indoors as it makes the interior cool. Easy and low maintenance, and several benefits included, this plant is definitely a keeper.

Best Plants for Bedroom - Aloe Vera

#1 Geranium

Geranium is one of the easiest plants to maintain at home. This indoor plant blooms all throughout the winter and gives an extra beauty to your home. The rose geranium is hard to find but it smells like rose and is used to make essential oil. This pleasant smelling plant will help you fall asleep faster.

Best Plants for Bedroom - Geranium

Everyone deserves a sound sleep after a tiresome day. These were some of the best plants for bedroom that are initial steps through which we all can take a good care of ourselves. After all, a healthy body and mind is the secret of success. So are you ready to invest some of your hard earned money to these everlasting avenues of profit?

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