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June 10, 2017

10 Best Places for Budget Travel

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Travel: Santorini

Who doesn’t love to travel? All of us have a desire to travel the world, explore the different places. Money acts as a major hindrance in our dreams of traveling. Worry not, following are 10 affordable places you can travel to and still manage to save cash in your wallet.

#1 Thailand

Are you one of those college backpackers who is in search of a rich culture and affordable location? Thailand would be an ideal place for you. The local ice tea on the roadside is a must try along with food too good to be missed. There are masterpieces like Wat Phra Kaeo temple, Wat Arun temple, Wat Benchamabophit and Grand Palace at Bangkok which is rich in Thai history. And when you’re done with visiting the holy places, you could try Thai Boxing if you’re a fan of unique sports. The fun will be legendary! Hiring a bike to ride along the Mae Hong Son Loop is a worthwhile experience- to enjoy the scenic beauty across 600 km. For food, the street food in Thailand is highly affordable. Also, the local buses are very cheap in Thailand. You can commute for site-seeing through these buses. In case you plan on partying with booze, alcohol is very cheap in the streets. Instead of buying water, try refilling your bottles from water filter machines.

travel: Thailand

#2 Cambodia

Cambodia happens to be one of the cheapest places in Southeast Asia especially for those who like to travel the world but practically have no money for it. You get all the luxuries just like a five-star hotel but without the price tag. They have got Archaeological parks, temples and also a whole UNESCO world. The food and living are so cheap, you might want to just settle there and not come back. The best places to put up in Cambodia is in the dorms. You can travel across the country by renting bikes or moto taxis. Food isn’t easily available in the streets, but is relatively cheaper. Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Kratie and Banlung are the places mostly visited by backpackers. Aqua expeditions across the Mekong River gives a beautiful view of the farmlands and floating markets. Dream of every traveller, huh?

travel: Cambodia

#3 Vietnam

If you’re searching for beautiful bakeries along with beautiful country view, Vietnam is your place. It retains a lot of its French flavour where you will find some great patisseries producing croissants that are literally in competitions to the best in Paris. They have got mesmerising lakes along with large green rice terraces, flower farms, and cashew nut plantations. Vietnam is super cheap, yet it is a real beauty. Man-made beauty like the sacred temples go very well with the natural beauty of Sam Mountain and Halong Bay. Vietman has a lot of history to offer too. Like you surely  must have heard of the Vietnam War. Try talking to locals, there will have a lot to share. Bus transportation is very cheap in Vietnam. For accommodation, there are many hostels for backpackers at cheap rates. Also, food is easily available on the streets.

travel: Vietnam

#4 Romania

Romania is a dynamic country rich in culture, arts, and history. Unravel the amazing travel experiences by travelling from the  Danube River to a beautiful, intact, medieval town; from Bucharest – Romania’s capital city – to the Black Sea; from Southern Transylvania to the historic regions of Bucovina or Maramures. Romania treasures many architectural and art scenes which you just cannot miss. The best part of it? All of this is extremely affordable! Hotels, hostels and motels are comparatively inexpensive. Street snacks are cheap and you will get to taste a lot of their food cuisine like cabbage rolls, sausages, pork dishes, salads and soup. Transportation cost is pretty cheap because of the train service. Even the local buses and trolleys are available at an affordable price. You must go ice-skating and bike-riding in Romania. Do visit the churches, monasteries and museums.

travel: Romania

#5 Hungary

Wish to travel to Europe but find it pretty expensive? Hungary is the solution. Indulge yourself in Hungary’s amazing cakes, strong liquors, and thermal spas and still manage to leave a lot of cash in your pocket to explore more. You could go to the Lake Balaton, the biggest lake in Europe or you could take a hike in the northern hills and travel by train will be your cheapest option. Sail out on cool waters and then chill with some locally produced wine, Hungary is indeed a beautiful bargain. You must surely visit the capital of the country, Budapest which is a grand city of the continent. Accommodation, food and site-seeing is quite affordable.

travel: Hungary

#6 Indonesia

These exotic islands are not as expensive a trip as you think it is. If you have a well planned budget chart, you make it through the vacation easily. Try living in the outskirts. Hostels will not cost you much. In case, you plan on trekking, you can always camp and enjoy living in the wild. The local transportation is quite inexpensive. You can board the ferries at low costs to travel in between islands. The local food is very cheap. You will enjoy the food on the streets. The restaurants are budget friendly. Only the western foods will cost you more.

The one place in every backpackers check-list has to be Bali. Has it been a while that you wanted to visit Bali, specially after watching the movie, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’? Then pack you bags and go for it. If you want you want to get a spa, you should go for it. For it is luxurious but yet affordable. You can spend a little extra around accommodation because rest of the things in Bali are available at really low prices. Do not miss out on the exotic food cuisine of Bali. It has a lot of delicious sea food. You will surely fall in love with the scenery- the rice paddies, the sand and the sea- all at once.

travel: indonesia

#7 Nepal

Many often ignore that fact that they can travel to such a beautiful country who is India’s next door neighbour. This exotic country where Himalayas lie is one of cheapest destinations. And if you are fascinated by nature and history, you should miss out on Nepal. The accommodations are the cheapest you can find anywhere. Food is very affordable. You must enjoy evenings in the tea shops. You can go for treks, but you just need to spend a little on the permits. But the view of the Himalayas is one lifetime of an experience. That view is going to last forever in your memory like no other.

travel: nepal

#8 Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most affordable destinations. You are going to fall in love with the local, its culture and heritage, its scenery, beaches and the nightlife. You can put up in hostels and there are many hotels available at cheap rates. You must try the local street food, but a hearty meal in restaurants is also inexpensive. You will find some of the cheapest beer of Europe in Bulgaria. You can travel either by train or bus, both are cheap. But traveling across the country in buses will consume less time. The visits to museums and other attractions will not cost you much.

travel: bulgaria

#9 Greece

The struggling economy in Greece welcomes tourism wholeheartedly. Therefore, from food to accommodation, everything is available at an affordable price. You must enjoy the Greek food with Greek drinks. You can surely put up in the dorms. Again, street food is really cheap. In fact, souvenirs are also very cheap in Greece. On visiting Athens, try living on its outskirts, it will not cost you much.

travel: greece

#10 Prague, Czech Republic

Try walking on the streets of Prague. This city in Czech Republic is beautiful. It attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. Though it seems like a very expensive place, it is not. It comes quite under the budget. You should surely discover the city’s Jewish heritage. Visit the galleries and museums. Catch the city’s classical music that flows in the air. Also, Prague has a lot of parks where you hang out and have picnics. There are abundance of Czech food across the city which is easily affordable. You must also attend a puppet show. There are hostels available for backpackers. The hotels are available at a cheaper price during the off season. Beer is cheap. There are lounges and beer gardens with live music all across the city. If culture really fascinates you, you should surely plan your next trip to Prague.

travel: prague

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