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May 7, 2016

13 Best Movies To Watch With Your Mother

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movies to watch with your mother- Brave

Watching movies with friends is fun, watching movies with siblings are cool, but ever thought about watching a film with your mother? It can also be a wonderful experience that you are currently missing out. In a busy life, we get really little time to spend with our mothers. On this mothers’ day, take pleasure in watching BEST MOTHER’S DAY movies with you mom. You will relish the time spent with her forever. And we just made your work more easier with this list of 13 movies to watch with your mother.

#1 New Year’s Eve

Though this movie has many plot lines, still it is considered to be one of the good movies to watch with your mother. It portrays a beautiful relationship between a single mother, Kim and her teenage daughter, Hailey. Hailey wishes to spend the new year’s eve with her boyfriend at Times Square but, her protective mother wants to spend her first day of the year with her daughter.

movies to watch with your mother-New Years Eve


#2 Mamma Mia!

One of my favorite movies to watch with my mother is Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia! is a musical movie about Sophie Sheridan, who is determined to find her father before she exchanges her marriage vows. She invites three of her mother’s former flings, keeping it a secret from her mother, Donna in order to discover who is her father among them.

movies to watch with your mother-Mamma Mia


#3 The Sound Of Music

In the backdrop of 1938, Austria, the classic musical movie revolves around a would-be nun Maria and seven children of a widowed naval officer. Free spirited Maria is sent to the house of Captain Von Trap as a governess. While Maria finds a new family among those children, the children discover a mother figure in Maria.

movies to watch with your mother- Sound of Music


#4 Troop Beverly Hills

Accused of being careless by her former husband, Phyllis joins as a leader to the local girl scout group her daughter, Hannah is a member of. Phyllis’ bond with her daughter begins to improve at the same time, other kids of the group who are from affluent families, but neglected by their parents start to look up at her as their surrogate mother.

movies to watch with your mother-Troop Beverly Hills


#5 Girl In Progress

Due to the pressure of her busy life Grace, a single mother is unable to pay needed attention to her teenage daughter Ansiedad. Forced to be maturing at a very young age, Ansiedad decides move out of the city, away from her mother. The movie brilliantly portrays the ups and downs of a relationship between a mother and daughter.

movies to watch with your mother-Girl in Progress


#6 The Kids Are All Right

Nic and Jules, a happily married lesbian couple, live a healthy life with their kids Laser and Joni. Things take a twist when the kids meet their biological father Paul and develop an almost father-children like a relationship with him.

movies to watch with your mother-The Kids are Allright


#7 Little Women

Set in the era of American civil war, this story is about four sisters and their strong-minded mother. Together they deal with every major and minor problems of their lives and face the world bravely when their father is away from home.

movies to watch with your mother-Little Women


#8 Because I Said So

This comedy movie is about Daphne, who is convinced her daughter Milly can not find a suitable man for her own, takes the mission of finding an eligible partner for her daughter. Don’t we all relate to it!

movies to watch with your mother-Because I said So


#9 Brave

Set in medieval Scotland, the protagonist of this Disney movie is Merida, the princess of a clan Dunbroch. After a brief falling out with her mother Elinor, the queen turns into a black bear as a magic goes wrong. In order to revoke the magic, Marida must face a lot of difficulties and she must do it before the second sun rises.

movies to watch with your mother-Brave


#10 Terms Of Endearment

Terms of Endearment is a story about a mother (Aurora) and daughter (Emma) searching for love. Together they help each other in finding happiness and solving each others problem. The movie was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and won 5. If you haven’t watch this classic yet, then it is an amazing movie to watch with your mother.

movies to watch with your mother-terms of endearment


#11 Mermaids

Mermaids is about a single mother, Rachel, and her two daughters, Charlotte and Kate (both have different fathers). Charlotte is obsessed with catholicism and wants to become a nun and Kate is an excellent swimmer. The movie’s primary focus is Rachel and Charlotte’s relationship.

movies to watch with your mother-mermaids


#12 Akeelah And The Bee

Akeelah and the Bee is about 11 year-old girl Akeelah, who lives with her widowed mother, and her journey to prepare for the regional spelling bee. Akeelah loses motivation when her tutor refuses to coach her and she feels pressure to win from her neighborhood. It is when Tanya helps her daughter focus and motivates her to prepare for the bee.

movies to watch with your mother-akeelah and the bee


#13 Freaky Friday

Anna is an average teenager who loves her rock band and does not want her mother, Tess, to remarry. On a family night out, Tess and Anna get into an argument about Tess re-marriage and Anna’s upcoming audition. The duo are interrupted by the restaurant owner’s mother and are offered fortune cookies by her. Next morning, the duo wake up to find that their bodies have been switched.

movies to watch with your mother-freaky friday


We hope you enjoy watching these movies with your mother.

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