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February 27, 2018

7 Best Modern Folk Artists To Listen To

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Best Modern Folk Artists - raghu dixit project

It is said that “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.  Indian Classical Music or folk music may not feature in everyone’s playlist, but there is no denying that these genres have a charm of their own. There are many modern folk artists who are revolutionizing the way we look at folk music. Indian folk singers have churned out some amazing modern folk music. Let’s have a look at best folk fusion artists to listen to.

#1 The Raghu Dixit Project

A contemporary Indian folk band, whose front-man is Raghu Dixit. It is a multilingual band who never fails to mesmerize people, in India and abroad, with their heart-felt music.

#2 Swarathma

One of the best folk-fusion bands of the world, Swarathma is based out of Bangalore, India. Their music seems full of the rich, musical flavor of India and is the best way to relax after a rather stressful day.

#3 Papon and the East India Company

An electric folk-fusion band, Papon and the East India Company never shies away from experimenting with music. This band has performed at many national and international events and has introduced the world to the East Indian folk music.

#4 Tetseo Sisters

Tetseo Sisters are a group of four sisters from Nagaland who have amazed the world with their rendition of North Eastern folk music. Their music manages to strike the right chords and makes you to sway along to their soothing voices.

#5 Kailasa

Kailasa effortlessly blends sufi, rock and western music along with elements of Indian classical to churn out enchanting melodies. Founded by Kailash Kher, this band has performed in more than 100 cities worldwide.

#6  Masala Coffee

A Kerala based music band, Masala Coffee performs in the genres of Indian folk, pop and rock. Their cover of a famous Tamil song “Mumbe Vaa” paved the path towards their popularity.

#7 Maati Baani

Maatibaani combines elements of Hindustani Classical with various styles of Folk music and new age sounds to create melodious songs. Their each song is sounds different yet feels familiar.

The artists listed here will surely make you fall in love with modern folk songs. There are many more Indian folk singers and modern folk artists who are waiting to be discovered!

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