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February 13, 2016

15 Best Leonardo DiCaprio Movies You Must Watch

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There’s no doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. He had been nominated 5 times but the joy of being a winner eluded him. The sixth time proved him lucky. The role of Huge Glass in The Revenant finally helped him bag the most prestigious award in Hollywood. Winner of Academy Awards or not, Leonardo has done some exceptional movies that are definitely worth a watch. We are up with the list of 15 Leonardo DiCaprio movies you must watch.

#15 As Richard in The Beach

The Beach is the 2000 British American adventure drama film directed by Danny Boyle. Here Leonardo played the role of main character that is Richard.

Richard is a 20 years boy, who travels to Thailand and finds himself in possession of strange map. Rumors state that it  leads to solitary beach paradise. So he plans to find out the beach. The movie also made Phi Phi islands a popular tourist destination.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- the beach


#14 As Danny Archer in Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond is 2006 German American film by Edward Zwick. Leonardo played the character of Danny Archer in this movie.

The movie is set in Sierra Leone which is going through a political turmoil. Archer is a gunrunner who has been jailed and meets Vandy in the jail. Vandy is a fisherman who has been separated from his family and has been enslaved to harvest diamonds. Right before being jailed, Vandy had discovered a pink diamond. In the end, Archer dies and Vandy unites with his family.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- blood diamond


#13 As Amsterdam Vallon in Gangs Of New York

Gangs Of New York is 2002 American epic period drama film directed by Martin Scorsese. This movie deals with the character Amsterdam Vallon, who returns to five point area of New York city, to take revenge from Bill, The Butcher, his father killer.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- gangs of New York


#12 As “Monsieur” Calvin J. Candie in Django Unchained

Django Unchained is a 2012 American film, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Leonardo played the role of a villain in this movie.

The story is set in 1859 and is about Django who is out to free his wife from the clutches of her cruel owner, Calvin (played by Leonardo DiCaprio).

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- Django Unchained


#11 As Jay Gatsby In  The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, is a period drama film based on F.Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel of the same name. The movie set in the roaring twenties about Nick (a salesman as well as narrator) and Jay Gatsby (a millionaire).

At 86th Academy Awards, the film won in both of his nominated categories- Best Production Design and Best Costume Design.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- jay gatsby


#10 As King Louis XIV / Philippe in The Man in the Iron Mask

In the movie, he portrays not only the character of the cruel king of France King Louis XIV but also the role of the twin brother who is kept as a secret by the King.

The personalities of the two brothers are in stark contrast with each other,and DiCaprio showcases the cruelty and selfishness of the King brilliantly and the viewer can’t help but hate him whereas the tortured brother Phillipe garners a lot of sympathy from the audience.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- king louis


#9 As Teddy Daniels in Shutter Island

One of my favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movies, Shutter island is about Teddy Daniels, a US Marshal, who is mourning the loss of his wife and looking for a killer who has murdered her and their three children.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- teddy daniels


#8 As Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries

The movie is the screen adaptation of Jim Carroll’s autobiographical work shows Carroll’s free fall into the dark world of drug addiction. Leonardo was quite young when he took the role but the way he portrayed the role shows you he is one of the best actors of the industry.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- jim carroll


#7 As Frank Abagnale Junior in Catch me if you can

Another movie based on the real-life of Frank Abagnale. A con-artist who made millions by posing as a PanAm Pilot. A Steven Spielberg movie also has veteran actors like Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- Frank ABAGNALE


#6 As Billy in The Departed

The Departed is a true-story based on the Winter Hill Gang (Boston). Leonardo is an undercover cop who attempts to infiltrate the mafia but there is a mole in the police department itself. The movie also has Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- billy


#5 As Jack Dawson in Titanic

Who can forget Jack Dawson? Titanic is a typical ill-fated love story where a poor boy meets a rich girl and they fall in love. The love story is short-lived when their ship hits an iceberg. Kate Winslet as Rose and Leonardo as Jack will remind you of Romeo and Juliet’s love.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- Jack Dawson


#4 As Cobb in Inception

Cobb along with his carefully assembled team specializes in stealing corporate secrets through the art of dream sharing. The movie is complex but Nolan manages to explain the intricate details in the ways in which Cobb and his team infiltrated the subconscious of their subjects.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- Cobb


#3 As Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall street

The movie is based on the true story of esteemed stock-broker Jordan Belfort’s fall from grace. Leonardo Di Caprio’s performance as Jordan Belfort earned him his fifth Oscar nomination.

Di Caprio’s performance will make you laugh at Belfort’s antics but will also make you feel sorry for Belfort’s failures because of his poor decisions.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- Jordan Belfort


#2 As Howard Hughes in The Aviator

DiCaprio plays aviation visionary, Howard Hughes, who suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder. The personality of Hughes was immeasurably complex but DiCaprio did justice to the role and the last scene where he keeps murmuring the words the way of the future leaves the audience mesmerized.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies Howard Hughes


#1 As Arnie Grape in What’s eating Gilbert Grape

Leonardo DiCaprio earned his first Oscar nomination for his performance as Arnie Grape in What’s eating Gilbert Grape. Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of a mentally disabled child was turning point in his career.

 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies- Arnie Grape


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