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February 9, 2018

10 Best Irrfan khan Khan Movies to Binge Watch

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Best Irrfan Khan Movies

Appreciated all over the world, Irrfan Khan is one of the finest actors in Bollywood. Born in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Irrfan Khan started his career with television industry. He was part of TV series such as Banegi Apni Baat and Star Bestsellers. He also appeared in several Bollywood movies where he went unnoticed. It was Vishal Bhardwaj’s Maqbool that got him noticed and since then there has been no looking for the actor. He has been part of the Bollywood and Hollywood industries. He is a Padma Shri recipient and has won 3 Filmfare awards and 1 National Film Awards. We bring 11 Best Irrfan Khan movies that you must watch.

#1 Hindi Medium

Hindi medium is a comedy-drama film and was nominated for 6 Filmfare Awards. The movie won 2 Filmfare awards – Best Film and Best Actor. Raj (Irrfan Khan) is a businessman who owns a shop in Chandani Chowk. His 5 year old daughter is all set to begin her schooling. Raj’s wife, Mita, does not want their daughter to attend a Hindi medium school. The dilemmas they face are challenges faced by every parent in India. This is one of the best Irrfan Khan movies to watch.

Best Irrfan Khan Movies - Hindi Medium

#2 Life in a Metro

9 individuals struggling with their problems. The movie dealt with bunch of themes such as extramarital affair, heartbreak and love. Shruti (Konkona Sen Sharma) is a 28 years old woman who is desperate to get married. She meets Monty (Irrfan Khan) through a matrimonial website but is not impressed with him. For Life in a Metro, Irrfan won Filmfare Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

Best Irrfan Khan Movies - Life in a Metro

#3 The Lunchbox

Craving to fill flavors in her married life, Ila cooks delicious food for her husband everyday. Through a rare mix-up, Ila’s dabba gets delivered to Saajan (Irrfan Khan). Saajan works as an account and is few months away from his retirement. Ila realized the mix-up and next day sends a letter with the dabba. The duo soon become virtual friends. Will Ila be able to save her marriage? Will Ila and Saajan meet in-person?

Best Irrfan Khan Movies -Lunchbox

#4 Paan Singh Tomar

One of the most underrated movies of Bollywood, Paan Singh Tomar is based on a true story of an athlete. The movie begins with an interviewer interviewing Paan Singh Tomar (Irrfan) and then goes into flashback. Paan Singh is a soldier in Indian army with no interest in sports. His seniors realize his athletic capabilities persuade him to run for 3000 metre steeplechase. He goes on to win 7 gold medals but soon retires from army to resolve land dispute. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Tomar becomes a dacoit. Irrfan Khan won National Film Awards – Best Actor for Paan Singh Tomar.

Best Irrfan Khan Movies - Paan Singh Tomar

#5 Madaari

Nirmal (Irrfan Khan) and his son, Apu live a happy life. One day, while coming back from school, Apu dies after a bridge collapses. To seek revenge from officials, Nirmal kidnaps home minister’s son. In the end, the home minister and other officials responsible for the collapse confess and Nirmal surrenders himself. The movie did not do well at the box office but you must watch it for Irrfan.

Best Irrfan Khan Movies - Madaari

#6 Maqbool

The movie that got Irrfan noticed is based on William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. Maqbool (Irrfan) is the right-hand man of Abba ji (one of the most powerful dons played by Pankaj Kapoor). Maqbool is ambitious but at the same time is also loyal to Abba ji. He is in love with Nimmi (Abba ji’s mistress). Nimmi, who is also in love with Maqbool, supports his ambitions and persuades Maqbool to kill Abba ji. Maqbool is able to kill Abba ji but the guilt takes over him.

Best Irrfan Khan Movies - Maqbool

#7 Haasil

Haasil is about student politics that takes a dirty turn. Ashutosh Rana and Irrfan Khan head of two rival gangs. Anirudh (Jimmy Shergill) is a college student who falls in love with Niharika (Hrishitaa Bhatt) but soon their love story gets tangled in dirty politics. Is Ranvijay (Irrfan) really helping Anirudh or does he have a hidden motive? Irrfan won his first Filmfare awards for Haasil. This is also one of the best Irrfan Khan movies to watch.

Best Irrfan Khan Movies - Haasil

#8 Talvar

The movie is based on Aarushi Talwar murder case. The movie begins with Shruti Tandon found dead and police called at the crime scene. In order to close the case as soon as possible, police declare Khempal (servant) as killer. Few days later, police find the dead body of Khempal. With no clues, police then declare the parents as murderers. Due to public outrage, the case is handed over to CDI and we are introduced to Joint Director (played by Irrfan).

Best Irrfan Khan Movies - Talvar

#9 Qissa

Umber Singh (Irrfan Khan) migrates to India from Pakistan with his wife and 3 daughters. Umber is disgruntled that he does not have a son, who can take the lineage forward. When his wife gets pregnant for the fourth time, Umber is convinced that she will give birth to a boy. The baby is born and Umber declares that his wife gave birth to a baby boy. It is later revealed that the baby is a girl. The girl is brought up as a boy and soon gets married to Neeli. When Neeli gets to know about Kanwar’s gender; she decided to run away only to be brought back by Umber.

Best Irrfan Khan Movies -Qissa

#10 Ek Doctor ki Maut

Ek Doctor ki Maut is loosely based on the life of Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay has powerhouse performances by Pankaj Kapoor, Shabana Azmi and Irrfan Khan. Dr. Roy (Pankaj Kapoor) discovers the vaccine for leprosy and becomes an overnight sensation. Things don’t go well with his seniors. He is humiliated during a conference and is transferred to a remote village. Dr. Roy is shattered when two American doctors receive the credit for discovering the vaccine for leprosy. In the end, Dr. Roy is invited to be part of scientists who are discovering cures for other diseases.

Best Irrfan Khan Movies - Ek Doctor Ki Maut

These were just some of the best Irrfan Khan movies to watch. Some of his other best works are The Namesake, Life of Pi, Piku and Qarib Qarib Single.

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