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April 17, 2017

9 Best Formally Dressed Men on American Sitcoms

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Neal Caffrey

A good TV show must have an exquisite plot, intriguing twists and smart presentation. In addition, men who dress impeccably are the cherry on top. A man dressed in well-fitted suits keeps the audience glued to the show. Here is a list of the men who gave every man and woman some serious suit goals!

#1 Chuck Bass-The Playboy 

Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick, in Gossip Girl never limited himself to any particular type of suit. He wore suits with notch lapel and peak lapel. He wore business greys, yet he was never afraid to play with colours. He is one of the few men who rocked suits with vibrant colours. He has successfully coordinated stripes with prints, paired with aesthetically pleasing silk ties. Chuck Bass prefers to wear brown leather Italian shoes. Boat shoes can be seen often in his wardrobe. Sometimes he displays a prominent pocket square and he is extremely fond of striped scarves. Everything he ever wore screams a very 1920-Parisian look.

Formally Dressed Men: chuck bass


#2 Harvey Specter -The Go-Getter

Classy demeanour coupled with an immaculate suit defines a successful man like Harvey Specter, the hot-shot lawyer from Suits (Gabriel Match). Specter opts for three piece suits mostly in grey or navy blue. They have narrow pinstripes or solid colours. He prefers suits with wide peak lapels and spread collars. The vests are always made of same cloth as the suits. His shirts are mostly white with semi-spread collar. Harvey is never seen without a bold tie with Windsor knot, yet the colours and patterns are never too bold. His attention to detail distinguishes him from the others.

Formally Dressed Men: harvey specter


#3 Hannibal Lecter- The Mysterious

No one plays better with exciting patterns than Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mickelson). His style is elegant yet bold. His suits mostly have dynamic check patterns – a noticeable check, chalk stripe, and they are always accompanied by wide peak lapels and exquisite pocket square.  He has been rarely seen in solid coloured suits. Hannibal’s less bold suits are often paired with bolder shirts and ties with distinctive patterns. His shirts mostly have a wide collar which looks perfect with his bold ties. Hannibal Lecter prefers to wear three piece suits with two buttons and flat front trousers which make him stand out in the crowd.

Formally Dressed Men: Hannibal Lecter


#4 Don Draper- The Resourceful

Mad Men protagonist, Don Draper’s suits maintain an equilibrium between a creative person and a business man. He wears American Suits, soft and thick in the shoulders, and his coats are long in the bottom. Draper is biased to notch lapels and skinny ties. His suits are never in one solid colour. They are made from threads of multiple colours, blending to give an illusion of one dominant colour. He is known to wear suits with small patterns. Don is almost never seen without a neatly folded white pocket square. White shirts with french cuffs and fedoras are bound to give him the 60’s gentlemen aura.

Formally Dressed Men:: Don Draper


#5 Neal Caffrey- The Charmer

The wardrobe of Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) from White Collar is a perfect blend between classic and modern era. His suits have a slim silhouette with slender lapels and dual vents or less. He’s adventurous with the colours. It’s rare to see Caffrey in a plain shirt. He always wears shirts of vibrant colours like purple or pink and they always have patterns. He pairs his shirts with tonic blue or charcoal grey suits. He prefers skinny ties with his slim shirt collar. The ties mostly have small patterns like thin stripes, micro print checks or polka dots. Caffrey always adds a tie bar. He’s rarely without a silk pocket square. He finishes his looks with a very 60’s fedora which exudes sophistication.

Formally Dressed Men:: Neal Caffrey


#6 Barney Stinson- The Legendary

He is the god of suits who coined the word “SUIT UP”. Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) of How I Met Your Mother has a wardrobe every guy can only dream of possessing. He’s mostly seen in double button two piece suits with short length sleeves in grey colour and narrow lapels. Barney’s suits mostly  have subtle stripe and Barney avoids suits with busy patterns. He’s always clad in skinny ties with a Four-In-Hand knot. His shirts mostly have barrel cuffs and Barney never forgets  to expose cuffs of his shirts. Pocket square adds class to his suits.

Formally Dressed Men:: Barney aka Neil P. Harris


#7 Elijah Mikaelson- The Gentleman

The Original Vampire who swayed all of our hearts not only with his loyalty and kindness, but also his always on-point suits. His dressing was anyway a topic of discussion among the characters in the series. His way of dressing was like his character. He was ever ready to sacrifice himself for his family- ‘the noble Elijah’ as everyone called him. He did not prefer things disorganized that was very well visible in his suits. The series being based on vampires makes it dark. So, Elijah wore dark shade suits with light coloured shirts. Since his shirts often got covered in blood for killing his enemies, he constantly changed his suits. This gave us Originals viewers to watch his wide range of suits every season.

Formally Dressed Men:: elizah mikaelson


#8 John James or Mr.Big- The Sexy one

Mr. Big from Sex and the City, whose real name (John James) was not revealed until the last episode of the series, had drooled Carrie’s as well as all of our hearts with his smile and suits. Mr. Big’s choice of suits were as grand as this name given to him by Carrie Bradshaw. His choice of colour for suits was usually black with a light coloured shirt and ties which made him more appealing and sexy, because sex in the city happens only with a style statement!

Formally Dressed Men: john james


#9 Patrick Jane- The Hot Detective

Patrick Jane, the independent consultant detective in the The Mentalist series, impresses us not only with his sharp mind but also his smart suits. This character is played by Simon Baker. His blue eyes and blonde hair keeps us wondering how the idea of a detective gets hotter every time. He avoids wearing a tie, but that three piece suit! You cannot take your eyes off him. His classic two button single breasted front, one chest pocket, two flap pockets, vest with two slit pockets and five button front and flat front pants surely makes a style statement.

Formally Dressed Men: patrick jane


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