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April 9, 2018

9 Best Foods to Boost Metabolism

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Best Foods to Boost Metabolism - Green Tea

It is well said, that higher the metabolism- the more calories you burn. With the trend of junk food and bad fats secretly entering our diets and the amount of food outlets, cafeterias and franchises available at our disposal, our calorie intake has highly increased. While at the same time a major portion of the food we eat is not easily digestible and this leads to health problems of various types. This entire process might end up into an unhealthy lifestyle and eating pattern and unwanted body weight. But there exists food that can rev up your metabolism. Here is a checklist for your right diet of best foods to boost metabolism!

#1 Egg Whites

Having branched-chain amino acids, egg whites are considered great for boosting metabolism. They are also loaded with protein and contain vitamin D as well. Basically, the thermic effect of food is the energy that the body needs to metabolize foods. And this thermic effect is much higher for proteins than it is for carbs or fats. Hence high-protein foods help you burn more calories than any regular food. And hence egg whites, which are simply great for doing so classify as one of the best foods to boost metabolism. Also, a lot of people include egg whites in their diet to increase metabolism.

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Best Foods to Boost Metabolism - Eggs

#2 Water

Without much say water is one such thing that has multiple benefits. Be it your weight management, or keeping the body hydrated, or maintaining moist skin, water also has an added benefit of being a metabolism booster. Rather water which is easily available, can be called the best way to boost metabolism. Since dehydration slows down metabolism rates, hence it becomes all the more essential to consume water. It is believed that drinking cold water forces your body to produce more thermic effect while the water takes more calories to warm up.

Best Foods to Boost Metabolism - Water

#3 Chilli Peppers

Another amazing thing to be included in your diet and counts among foods good for metabolism. Chilli peppers not only make the food spicy and satisfy your taste buds, but they also contain capsaicin, which is a chemical compound considered very good in kicking the rate of metabolism. Also, chillies are a rich source of vitamin C. While being very easily available, chilli peppers are one of the best foods to boost metabolism. And you should try making it a part of your diet, on a regular basis.

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Best Foods to Boost Metabolism - Chilli Peppers

#4 Green Tea

It is no more just a trend to go for green tea, rather people have come to terms with its abundant benefits in the longer run. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants called Catechins, which have the potential of burning up to 70-100 calories per day. Nutrients in tea help trigger the release of fat from fat cells and speed up the liver’s capacity for turning fat into energy. This is something you can simply do each day, without much efforts. While for people who do not prefer to alter their diet to increase metabolism, green tea is a simple and hassle-free solution. Green tea also promotes fat burning and is a potential drink that can naturally rev up your metabolism. So, if you can’t go for foods that speed up metabolism, you simply need to change your beverage options!

Best Foods to Boost Metabolism - Green Tea

#5 Lentils and whole grains

People who do not prefer non-vegetarian food, can simply select from an option of the vegetarian section. Lentils are a great source of proteins and carbohydrates. Apart from this they are rich in iron, which again boost metabolism. What iron does? Well it facilitates the flow of oxygen throughout the body which leads to energy production and in turn boosts metabolism. Lentils are without doubt, counted in the list of best foods to boost metabolism. Among foods good for metabolism, we also have whole grains. Whole grains demand extra energy to break down and this way they help in digestion and burning of fat. Brown rice or refined rice, whole grains in any of their forms, boost metabolism and also help in weight-loss.

Best Foods to Boost Metabolism - Lentils

#6 Broccoli

Another of the veggie family, Broccoli is indeed a wonder food, taking into consideration the amount of health benefits attached to it. It is rich in calcium and vitamin C, which work together and help us burn more calories. This is for sure one food item, that should secure a place in your diet to increase metabolism. While vitamin C helps our body to absorb more calcium, calcium at the same time, activates our metabolism. Put into simpler terms broccoli has a higher thermic effect of food, which means our metabolic rate increases manifold after the consumption of broccoli. This makes Broccoli just the perfect package of the two nutrients and the perfect vegetable to be included in the list of best foods to boost metabolism.

Best Foods to Boost Metabolism - Broccoli

#7 Yogurt

Tired? Stressed? And highly confused of metabolic functions? You might simply even go for yoghurt! Rich in vitamin D, yoghurt not only acts as a shield against thyroid related disorders but also boosts your metabolic rates. Researchers say that not getting enough amounts of vitamin D, put you at a greater risk of obesity and slow down the functioning of the thyroid gland. And yogurt is simply rich in this nutrient and a flavorful food too. Yogurt not just boosts the metabolic rates, it also boosts your immunity.

Best Foods to Boost Metabolism - Yogurt

#8 Chicken

Animal protein is rich in amino acids and amino acids stimulate metabolic rates. But the key here is lean meat, like beef, turkey, chicken. Lean meat requires a lot more energy to get completely digested. This in turn leads to an increase in the metabolic activity. Studies suggest that people who consume high-protein foods burn twice as many calories after a meal as people who consume high carbohydrate foods. And for this plain reason, chicken stands a fair chance in the list of the best foods to boost metabolism.

Best Foods to Boost Metabolism - Chicken

#9 Apples and Pears

These two fruits might indeed be called magical. Eating apples and pears reduces weight gain and increases metabolism, and the best part is, these are not a rare catch. You might be including some or the other fruit in your diet on a daily basis. The idea is, why not add any of these two! They do not come in the category of exotic fruits and are easily available. Apple also has the added benefit of weight-loss. In fact, chewing fruits in their whole state, rather than consuming them in the form of juice, speeds up metabolism. And we all know fruits are an essential part of our diet.

Best Foods to Boost Metabolism - Apples and Pears

There is an no end to the list of foods that help you speed up your metabolic rates, but not all of them are easily available and some of them just won’t satisfy your taste buds. Also, health regimes and diets work their best when kept simple. Starting with a simple checklist as this, might work wonders and get you into the habit of consuming health-beneficial foods, and keep your metabolic rates under a check!

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